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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by AtThe Brink, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Any with information about this for the state of Wi I would certainly appreciate it. TIA
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    Could you explain what Chips is?
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    Children's Health Insurance Program
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    See, I saw CHIPS, and well, the first thing I thought of...

    ...Ponch & Jon...
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    Well, the technical term for CHIPS is Children In Need of Protective Services. Which seems to typically represent children that live in abusive, neglectful homes. Which is not our case. This program places the children out of the home. Our situation is that our DS who is 14(and facing 1 Felony charge of Burglary and a charge of being an accessory to a crime) is distrupting all that live in the house. He is in control and we cannot gain it back. We live as prisoners in our own home. Don't mistake us for spineless parents that have no backbone. lol We aren't that at all. As a matter of fact, yesterday we "hunted" our son down(his thing lately is not to come home from school and come home at about 9 or 10 @ night) and once he saw my husband he ran from him. We have our hands tied. Social services won't help. The police won't help(yeah, they threaten to handcuff our DS and take him to the station.) My son manipulates and uses my husband as the scapegoat for all of his misdoings with the police. This has been going on since DS believe it or not was in 2nd grade when he told SS that he and my husband watch porn. We have exhausted all efforts. I have called the police over 20 times this year to file missing persons reports on my DS, We have sent him to a mental health facility that did nothing, we sent him for 2 weeks to a youth counseling center(a state run facility). We are tired and done with all this and its affect on our 17yo daughter and 8 yo DS. Okay, got off track there but we now want him out of the home. And the PD gave us a business card for finding out info about this Chips petition. I wondered if anyone has heard of this.
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    Hi Brink! It sounds like "PINS" here in NYC. The family court usually steps in and helps out with the whole thing.

    Does your son have any type of diagnosis? Has he been tested by a neuropsycologist? Is he on any type of medications?

    He sounds like he's driving you nuts and you really seem like you definately need some help.

    Have you done a search for Parent Advocates, Wisconsin? Try that and see if any of them are free. Quite often they can help "fish" the system and help you figure out your next step.

    Let us know!

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    Beth, I have just updated my signature. So there you will find the info about my DS. I am going to see about the parent advocates. Thanks you so much for giving me that useful information. I know that there has to be loopholes or SOMETHING to help us but we just aren't getting any information. Its so frustrating. We are just trying to help this child AND our family. :frown:
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    Hi! I tried to search for you and although I knew Wisconsin was huge, I had no clue as to what would be nearby! So much for those of us who are geographically narcistic! :rofl:

    We New Yorkers tend to be that way!

    Let me know if I can help - at least I can be a shoulder!

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    Sorry AtTheBrink for my goof up top. In the south it is a childrens health program. I guess the acronim stands for something different then what it does up north.

    Have you had your DS re-evaluated? Maybe its bipolar and not ADHD/depression. Many of the medications given for ADHD and depression can actually make bipolar WAY worse. Kids with bipolar have impulse control problems. They tend to seem ADHD and may not be and depression is also part of the bipolar diagnosis. We just started a new medication, the first EVER given to use for bipolar and it is REALLY helping. I am actually enjoying my youngest difficult child again and so is his teacher. (knock on wood)

    Is it perfect? NO WAY! But it is better and compared to what we were use to, a HUGE relief.

    I would check into having him re-evaluated by a neuropsychologist. I also recommend reading "The Bipolar Child." See if you see your son in the descriptions in the book.

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    Ok...I dont know about WI itself, but I know enough about how things work generically that I might be able to help.

    CHIPS, CHINS, PINS...they are all basically the same thing. You are telling the juvenile court that your child is unruly and you need help making him do what you want him to do. This can mean that you want them to help you access some sort of mental health services or to tell Little Mr. Smarty Pants to stop acting like a jerk and do what mom and dad says. Normally they assign the kid a probation officer who oversees everything. Sometimes this helps...sometimes it doesnt.

    Another avenue to look into is the state mental health system. If your son is or could be considered a danger to himself or others, you can have him placed into a psychiatric hospital for an evaluation. My best help there was the state hospitals because they took a longer time doing the evaluations and even if the kid decided he wasnt willing to stay voluntarily, well the courts could tell him he had to stay. Then they can access a residential placement facility if they feel he warrants one of those.

    If your son has a felony staring at him, he may be willing to consider doing whatever you ask now since it will look good to the judge when the court date arrives. Or not...depending on how defiant he is. Sigh.
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    Thanks Beth, I really appreciate your efforts (((hugs)))
    And allstressed out.....well, he was at the health facility for 9 days(in August) per our insurance PFFTTTTT which I don't think was nearly long enough. The only new diagnosis there was depression. Interesting about the medications though. I will be making some phone calls about that for sure. But ya know what? We are almost beyond psychiatric care any more. We just want him out. Sounds bad and I feel terrible but I am burnt and spent and have very little hope of this turning around unless HE wants to put forth some effort. Know what I mean?? We do have 2 other children that need us physically, mentally and emotionally and right now they are paying the price. Know what I mean?? Ad to all of the garbage a great deal of frustration with the system that is failing my child. SIGH. And I'm curious, what would the difference be with the neuropsychologist? Just not sure how that fits. Just asking. I think I'll pick up that book too. Thanks everyone!
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    We saw a psychiatrist for a year, he barely spent minutes with us the first visit than his PA from then on out. The neuropsychologist was much more thorough, met with each difficult child individually for a few hours and with us for a few hours. He is the first to have thought bipolar. The new psychiatrist agreed on the BiPolar (BP) diagnosis and has since started medication for it. The antidepressents and ADHD medications the boys were on made them worse. WAY worse.

    I understand being spent! You do have 2 others to worry about. Good luck and ((hugs))
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    I have no advice, I do want to offer my support. What a horrible thing to be going through.
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    Okay, wow, thanks for all the help everyone. It has been a long road and I'm afraid we are not done yet. I went to Children's court today to get some info on filing the CHIPS petition and you have to go through a family assessment. We have had NUMEROUS contacts with Social Services(it blows my mind why, in the past, when we wanted help that NONE of our Social Workers suggesting this route?) and that is what they have done in the past. So I put in a call today to our Social Worker in hopes that she can help us out or give us some direction. Also, I went to the PD to put in a request for all police contact at our home address and regarding my husband, myself and DS. We should have that within 20 days. Also, wrote up a letter requesting specific changes in it(paper trail:D)They are not very good at following through with whats in the IEP. :frown: So, one step at a time. It will be interesting to see how long the process takes to get him removed from the home. He is suspended today and I had serious heart to heart(but didn't cry
    haha not THIS time). So thats where we are for now. Thanks everyone for all your support. It helps to know that your not the ONLY one dealing with some of these issues.