Christmas gifts?


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I am curious as to what everyone is getting for their kids for Christmas this year. I am getting difficult child a silver heart necklace with her birthstone on it and an ice cream maker that she wanted. I got easy child an Xbox 360. He has been begging me for one for months now and I have been telling him there's no way he will get one. They are way out of my budget. I ended up finding a refurbished one for $100 at Game Stop so I bought it for him. Normally they run about $300 so I got a really good deal. I can't wait to see his face when he opens it up. So what are your kids getting for Christmas?


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My daughter is getting some Bakelite jewelry pieces (she collects it), a vacuum cleaner, a turntable and some vintage dead stock kitchen linens I found on etsy. difficult child is getting some flannel shirts and pants he asked for from Duluth Trading Co, a Far Cry collectors box with easy child game, a new laser gaming mouse, and a portable phone and tablet charger. Of course they will be getting toiletries and candy in their stockings!



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My adult kids arent getting much. Grands arent getting a whole lot either this year. I simply havent been up to doing much shopping. No one appreciated what I did last year so who cares. We are sending Jamie's kids a walmart gift card. I got a couple of things on the black friday sale for the others. difficult child promised to buy his oldest daughter the dress she wants but I have a feeling he wont. He never does what he promises and I am gonna tell her he failed. Time to let her know her father is an ass.


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easy child is getting a North Face jacket she wants (she hates jackets so anytime I can find one she likes I jump on it. Plus I had a gift certificate to get it at half price). I got her some clothes from Torrid, some jammy pants, some candles, and a pair of Vans she wants.

difficult child is getting a TV, a Michael Kors purse (thank god for military sales), some jammy pants, some candles, two scarves, a headwrap, and a sweater.

husband and I are going small. My brother is getting married in Mexico next year so we are saving money for that. We also agreed to bring husband's mom out for the Holidays so that cost came out of our Christmas.

Thank goodness I am a good shopper I didn't pay half of what any of the items cost except for the clothes Torrid and they were discounted. We will also be getting a "toy Soldier" off the Soldier tree and buying for a child in need.


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One thing I'm happy to have bought for older difficult child is a year-long membership to a nature museum for him and his family. Although we did get a few toys for the grandkids, I like to give them at least one thing that won't add to the clutter!

I was going to give younger difficult child some money, but he says he's going to buy knives with it, so he might get a gift card (or a box of coal) instead.


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Our kids are not getting too inspired gifts this year. They don't seem to have any specific wants or needs this year, so they will end up with some rather generic stuff, though some I'm sure they enjoy a lot. Spotify Premiums and web services for sport tvs for a year are something they truly enjoy, but considering those have been their Christmas gifts for few years already now, they certainly are not surprises. Other than that they are getting some books, couple gift cards, Joy couple gadgets he wants and then chocolate and some miscellaneous things. husband will transfer part of his yearly bonus to their trust accounts as he has done most of their lives, but considering they don't have access to those yet and that husband usually doesn't mention it to them before they need to file their taxes and may notice that figures have changed, I'm not sure boys really consider it much of a gift.

I'm currently trying to decide how childish my Joy still is and if I need to buy him some more gifts so that he will not feel bad about the fact that difficult child is getting both more gifts and more money has been spent to difficult child's gifts. It's not to favour difficult child and basically all the extra is things we do buy to Joy also, but during a year and when he needs it. Now I'm basically wondering if Joy will be jealous if his brother gets more underwear and socks for Christmas than he does :D I just bought few rather expensive clothes for Joy before Christmas and will be giving same amount of money as a gift card to difficult child and that Joy just better to suck it up.
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My easy child is getting clothes, a video game, a couple of books, camping gear, headphones, 2 Nerf guns, a new tablet cover, pj pants, and a few other odds and ends. Also his 14th birthday is tomorrow so between that and Christmas he makes out VERY well this time of year. It's much more complicated with difficult child due to his situation. Since he's still on the streets we are going to pay for a motel room for him for three nights over the holiday. I'll be going to see him on Christmas Eve and I'm planning on making him a whole feast of his favorite homemade foods. It's Christmas and I like to cook and he likes to eat so that works out well. I'm also planning on getting him clothing and toiletries that I know he desperately needs and a gift card to a local grocery store so he can get food when he needs to.


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37--One nice thing about him is he realizes he can afford to buy what he wants and always asks us to please get nothing as he won't use it. If he wanted it, he'd buy it. Grandson got Pokeman stuff he enjoys, although he has almost more than his father due to his father's spending.

Julie--I-tunes cards for herself and because our granddaughter loves certain shows and she wants to be able to download stuff for the baby. Got her a coffee mug with Kaili's picture on it. A few odds and ends. Between us we big presents...give it to the baby. I still am looking for some clothes at Goodwill, where I work, and I get to see the stuff as it comes in. She is a person who mostly dresses down and used to shop at Goodwill even when she had a job. Not a name brand person (and I'm proud of that).

Kaili--Lots of cute toys she'll hopefully learn from and also much she needs, such as bigger clothes, warm blankets, socks, etc.

Sonic--A smart TV, which he'll love. He can give the one he has now to Jumper. She needs a TV. He will also get a bluebird of happiness (explanation in Jumper's paragraph)

Jumper--She asked for a tatoo that says "Family is Everything" a few months ago. It came out of our Christmas fund. No, tatooes, especially nice ones that are put in places that can be covered, do not upset us. It wasn't cheap. So for the rest of her Christmas she got an electric blanket, bathrobe, slippers, a Bluebird of Happiness (something I buy all my kids when they have their own place...she asked if she could have one for her dorm) and some odds and ends. She doesn't dress in name brands...fortunately...and likes to just be comfy...flannel shirts, sweats. Proud of her too.

For both girls I bought a plaque that says "A Daughter is a Little Girl Who Grows Up to be Your Best Friend."

Husband--large, insulated coffee mug that he can take to work with a collage of pictures of our kids and don't forget the dogs!!! We never exchange much...our best gift is our children and our peace and tranquility and we tell our kids to go easy. Except for 37, money is tight. And this year 37 promised to buy me train fare to visit him. That would be great so I could see my grandson, but we shall see. He seems to mean it. Lately he has been on the upswing (you know how they cycle)

We try to get things that will mean something personal to the kids as we don't have the money to buy huge toys. Sonic got the one toy this year, BUT we got a good deal on it. It was a floor model of a good brand. Other than the TV, he isn't getting anything else as he has everything he needs and wants.


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My son's getting new boots, more thermal socks, a fleecy jacket, a couple of books and a hamper of eco-friendly toiletries (that he'll probably still refuse to use - he's forgotten what they're for).

The other three grown-up kids are getting money plus a small personal gift each.

The ten-year old is getting a load of small parcels to unwrap (she's still at that age) - clothes, books, DVDs, piano sheet music, craft things and Barbie stuff plus a full-length mirror for her room, so that I can use the one in our bedroom without having to peer over the top of her head each morning any more! We're also taking her to see The Lion King stage show at the opera house on Christmas Eve.

H and I don't get each other anything. I hate the whole pointless greed and expense saga of it all.

We'll also be sponsoring a Christmas Dinner seat at 'Crisis' the UK homeless charity.
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I made easy child a hooded scarf. I also picked up a painting she picked out for her house. I didn't think much of it, but it suits her decor and she went all gaga.

I also made Nichole a hooded scarf. easy child and I threw in together to get the food dehydrator she wanted / needed.

I found Travis the original Star Trek figures still new in box in a 2nd hand store here in town, got it for a steal. He's going to love it. This just made me realize I might want to pick him up something oops!

I knitted mom a stocking hat. She likes to sleep in them. The one she has is ancient and has become rough and itchy. I found some super soft yarn in her favorite color.

I crocheted Kayla a newsboy cap. Turned out super cute. Had to search all over eternity for a pair of converse sneakers in her size. She wanted them more than anything and has totally worn out her last pair.

I made Alex a hat and got him his remote control helicopter on the black friday sale.

I made Evan a hat and got him a remote control 4 wheeler on the black friday sale.

I got Darrin a telescope / micorscope set and crocheted him a hat and scarf.

I crocheted Brandon a spiderman afghan. He got the teenage mutant ninja turtles imaginex playset on sale for cheap.

I made Connor a Mickey Mouse hat and scarf set. He got the imagine x city play set for half price. And 3 vintage Mickey's cuz he's mickey crazy right now. lol

I crocheted Aubrey a pullover sweater. She got the Fur Real Pup that walks, she's wanted him for years. Nana got him at half price. I also picked her up a lovely collectible but fully playable baby doll.

I made Oliver a Cincy bangels hat and scarf to match the one I made his daddy. He got the imagine x city play set too for half price. He also got a bull dozer he's been wanting construction vehicles.

Son in laws:
Katie's husband got a multi tool and Katie got a waffle maker. (this is what happens when you associate very little with family and no one knows wth you want)

Nichole's husband I knitted a cincy bangels hat & scarf and he got a multi tool he needed.

easy child's husband got a special wrench to add to his tool box and then I picked him up a pocket watch that will hold a photo of him and his mother...whom he lost at halloween.

Nearly everything I bought was on a black friday sale at half price or less. (I know, I'd spent weeks leading up to black friday scoping out prices)