Christmas share thread, if you want to talk about your plans


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Again, we plan a stress-free, easygoing holiday.

Jumper slept at the dog's house last night...haha, not a boyfriend. She is dogsitting for a family who went out of town and left their dog behind with Jumper caring for it. I can't imagine leaving a pet home alone, so we have supported her time with the dog, poor thing. So she isn't here. Not yet. By 10, she will be back with Sonic and after a little settling in and teasing Sonic about what his present could be (he is so good-natured, everyone just loves to tease him), we will pass out presents.

Jumper and I will be cooking throughout the day. Other than that, we will enjoy our new toys and each other. I would love to go to church and maybe I will. Although I am not a Christian in the normal sense, I believe there is so much positive energy and wisdom in Christianity, I'd love to celebrate with others. My husband won't go with. Jumper may. And, then again, it is my prerogative to change my mind and not go too. I have learned that plans are good, but you can change your plans and it's ok.

We plan to SKype with Julie today to say Merry Christmas. That should be fun. Sunday Jumper and I are leaving for Chicago to spend some time with Julie and her family. Car is loaded with presents for the baby! Why isn't everyone coming? Well, my husband has to work and watch the dogs (we won't leave our dogs alone and can not afford a hotel this time around). Sonic can't sleep if he's not at home. I told him if he came for Thanksgiving, Julie would understand if he didn't come on Christmas and she does. Also, he has run out of paid days off so Sonic has to work. See? This is not conventional, with some of us going and some of us not, and both Jumper and I not going until AFTER Christmas, but it works for us. I have learned to take control of our holidays.

We come back Tuesday. The holidays are then pretty much over for us as hubby and I have never been fans of New Years. I can never stay awake until We'll probably watch movies. Jumper is home a lot since she broke up with her boyfriend so she'll probably be there too. She does not do parties or drinking, per herself and her friends and I believe it.

So New Years will be another cozy night at home. Then life returns to normal :)



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Merry Christmas!

Miss KT and her hubby have been here all week, and we had a very nice, low-key, lots of food kind of a day. They go back home tomorrow.

Hubby has to work tomorrow, so I'll get up and get him out the door, then probably go back to bed for a couple of hours. 5:30 am comes awfully early.

No plans for New Year's; we'll be at home watching TV and waiting for the ball to drop.


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Drove the 6 hour round trip to see youngest. The trip was not bad as there was not any traffic. I made it home by 1:30 and went to my daughters house for gifts. Our custom is to then go out for Chinese and a movie. We saw Bad Bosses 2 and I laughed my head off. When I got home, it was time to celebrate with my fur kids. They loved their new toys. My young neighbor will come over today so I can give her the gift. It was a good day.


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Wasn't too bad. I achieved my goal of sleeping until I woke up without any alarm clocks :) both yesterday and today. Had a yummy breakfast and kind of lazed around. Picked up our son, went to a movie, came home, gave him is book and Subway card (wrong book...need the next one in the series so guess I'll be exchanging that) and had some dinner. 9:00 took Jabber took him back to the shelter and then we got to bed early. Uneventful...mostly peaceful.