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    Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and actually the only one I really truly enjoy. But this year I seem to have the spirit oozing out my pores. I have been up on cloud nine since thanksgiving at least, probably before that even.

    I haven't even decorated yet. :rofl:

    Doesn't matter.

    I'm having a blast.

    And I'm not just doing it for my family either. I'm playing elf to 2 of Nichole's bff's that we basically consider family they spent so much time with us growing up.

    D is the girl I ask for prayers for as she's bipolar and Borderline (BPD) and was suicidal over her abusive husband and all the crud he was pulling. The girl listened when I talked to her, heard what I had to say, admitted herself for a medication change, and is beginning to stabilize. She moved away her senior year with her family out to Kansas. Her family was very abusive/neglectful and this girl has known far too much heartache in her 21 yrs. But instead of whining (like katie) and feeling sorry for herself she has always struggled no matter what the odds to move forward to have the life she always dreamed of. Being a difficult child........she stumbles and falls, she makes mistakes (big ones like Nichole lol) but she always learns from them and moves forward. D blew me away the other day when she told me she'd graduated from the LPN program and has been working as a nurse for the past 18 mos!!! I'm so very proud of this girl. She has a lot to work on, she knows that and is trying so very hard. She has no contact with her family due to her childhood. But that leaves her no one but us and her baby boy. So Nichole is sending her a present via mail and something for the baby. I'm sending her cookies to help make it a homey type xmas for her.

    Then there is N. Also from a really bad family. Awesome girl, a survivor, a fighter. Somehow got her loser husband to actually go to work, omg that all by itself is a miracle! lol N has serious health issues due to her mother's addiction and drug use during pregnancy. But doesn't complain. Doesn't let it stop her. Lost her first baby due to premature birth. (and those health issues) Now has a 1 yr old beautiful baby boy. Both N and her husband got laid off a couple of weeks ago. So I asked easy child if she wanted to give the toys she planned to give to toys for tots to N for her little boy as they're age appropriate for him and I know N is really strapped for cash and how much she would appreciate it. easy child was more than happy to do it, like I said N is family to us. And again I'm baking cookies for her as she doesn't have the extra cash to go out and buy baking supplies.....and aw heck, I just wanna cuz I wanna, she's like my kid. lol (I'm gonna pick the lil guy up a stocking at the dollar store and some stocking stuffers too lol)

    I enjoy xmas every year. I swear I do. I'm happy and cheerful, so much so it annoys the heck out of husband. But I dunno...........It's like 1000 fold this year........maybe more. I'm watching freecycle like a hawk for things I might have that others need.........I'm keeping an eye out on fb for local friends who may be having a hard time and directing them to either services or putting them on our cookie list..........I'm making stuff out the waazoo........I've got xmas carols playing all day long.......or I'm humming them......... I even added an extra day for katie and family to stay so the grands actually will get to play with their presents.......... (3 days and 2 nights with M, I MUST be out of my mind!)

    I even told my Mom she is more than welcome to come up after xmas. (bro can't bring her on the holiday itself) That we'd be happy to do the generation pictures she loves to do. (if the kids don't I'll break their neck, the woman is 74 yrs old an that is ancient for my family, it won't kill them and someday the grands will appreciate it)

    I don't know what happened. I used to get super excited when the kids were little, but this is more than that even. husband and I don't have squat. Seriously. We're hanging on by our nails waiting to hear if the darn unemployment extension is going to pass. If it doesn't.........whoa boy we're in BIG trouble. Pennies are screaming we're squeezing them so tight. (too bad they don't reproduce)

    But I've barely spent anything. Even the baking won't cost that much as I'll get all the supplies at aldi's and easy child and Nichole are splitting the cost.

    Seriously. Is there a xmas spirit bug out there? He must have bit me twice this year. :rofl: Or I've gone off the deep end. husband keeps threatening to buy me an elf hat.:elf:
  2. tiredmommy

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    Don't you see, you really do have A Wonderful Life! ;) It's not about how much you have to give... but rather giving with a cheerful heart. :xmasdancers:
  3. Mattsmom277

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    What a terrific post :). I'm happy to hear you've got the bug bad ... usually getting bitten by a bug is a bad thing lol. Sounds like you've got the right spirit too about this holiday and what's important to you. The people in your life. To me that's key each year and I find when that is the focus, my spirit grows too. I hope that you all have a wonderful time, and those inevitable hiccups that occur just slide off your back.

    What kind of cookies are you making? leave it to me to focus on the FOOD! hahahaha
  4. PatriotsGirl

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    LOVE this post - wish this was like Facebook and I could click "like"

    Last Christmas, we were broke and with all of the drug filled difficult child drama, well Christmas REALLY stunk. I am so determined for Christmas NOT to stink this year. I decorated early, been watching Christmas movies all of the time and really trying to enjoy the holiday. I admit, it is still kind of hard with difficult child not living here anymore. The first Christmas morning she will not be waking up here. But you know what? I need to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas - doing for others. I think you have inspired me HD.... :)
  5. AnnieO

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    Lisa, I'm the same way this year. Exhausted, but in the mood for Christmas!!!!!
  6. Mom2oddson

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    That is Fantastic!! I'm so glad that you are having such a wonderful Christmas time. You deserve it!

    I think I might be coming down with the bug too. Even husband said on Sunday that he's getting in the Christmas mood. He even listened to Christmas music with me and is watching all the sappy Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime with me. This, coming from my biggest scrooge! :faint:

    I don't know what it is. This Christmas is the smallest, tightest one we've ever had. difficult child-Step has completely shut us out and won't be by for Christmas. Oh, she'll stop by on the 27th or so to grab her gifts, but that is all. difficult child-Ant, hopefully, will be in rehab, but that means he won't be with us. Right now, we have no idea how we will be able to pay the mortgage in January....yet, we are so completely happy this year.

    I sure hope this bug has a long duration before it goes away.

    I sure hope
  7. busywend

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    Good for you! I love people that enjoy the holidays!
  8. donna723

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    I think it's wonderful that you're so filled with the Christmas spirit and that you're enjoying it so much! And maybe that's because you are giving, giving, giving, from a loving, kind, generous heart, concerned only with the happiness of those around you. And you're providing a happy, memorable Christmas for three kids who have probably never known what it's like to be part of a warm, loving family holiday celebration - that alone is a priceless gift! And that's the way it should be.
  9. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Today I'm decorating..............................which means husband and Travis will be exhausted by dinnertime. And husband is going to have a cow, cuz I'm going ALL out.......and folks I've got decorations out the fanny literally.........I've even got mother in law's decor from the 1940's! Tree will be last as I'm trying to weasel husband into a real tree this year for kayla alex and evan.........instead of our little 4 footer which is pretty but not quite the same thing. I'm doing lights outside and in the windows. My light up santa will be on the porch with red bows on all the posts. I'll have brightly colored garland and multicolored glass bells trimming the edges of the walls up near the huge santa standing in the livingroom, my china xmas villiage Travis has been buying me since he was like 8 yrs old on the mantel along with the kids stockings..............And that's not counting all the stuff that goes around the house or the tree itself.

    husband is gonna pitch a fit over the light up santa and the lights, over next months bill, but I just don't care. It's Christmas! I want this to be a very special xmas for Kayla Alex and Evan who have never had xmas Nana Lisa style! :santa::rudolph:

    Cookies will be cookies that have been baked at Christmas every since I can remember......we've just added in some of mother in law's recipes to keep her traditions going. I think one of the reasons mother in law and I were so very close was because we were so very alike, especially about xmas. lol

    Cookies are ALL done from scratch. Lots of work, but also lots of fun for everyone. You should hear us laugh and carry on when we're doing it.

    Mincemeat is a MUST. Seriously, they'd cry if I didn't bake those and I have to do like at least 10 dozen of them cuz they barely last 2 days even with that many. lol

    Sugar cookies are for the grands. This is HUGE around here. All grands who can stand and walk help, including babies, which means this is Brandon's first year for sugar cookies. They help measure ingredients, mix it together, and roll and cut out the dough, then ice and decorate them. I think this year I'll make homemade icing to go on bought is too messy. (that will throw easy child for a she has no clue I know how to make homemade icing ;) )

    Gingerbread cookies. Which grands help decorate, but I usually do the dough myself as it can be tricky.

    Cherry drop cookies. These are extra special. My mom got the recipe from a german family we were very close to when I was really really little.......

    Chocolate chip of course.


    We're even including the we're gonna bake for them too this year using KTMom's recipe. lol

    None cooking baking: easy child's infamous pumpkin rolls made from fresh pumpkins and a long standing family tradition and huge hit is chocolate pudding cake made from scratch......another recipe from that german family. The cake will be the "official" dessert for xmas dinner, but the cookies will be there too.

    And even as I type this husband is having a fit. (I'm ignoring him) He's discovered much to his shock we're putting all the lights out and the santa...........not to mention all the other decor. Travis is backing me 100 percent and is digging out all the decorations. LMAO

    He's not throwing a huge fit........he's just having a minor stroke over what the electric bill will be next month. lol But you know what? For once in my life I'm not worried about next month. Next month will be what it will be. Either that extension will pass or it won't. We'll deal with it. We always do. Not putting up the lights ect is not going to make that bill pass. And maybe I have gone off the deep end cuz I figure if we do wind up in over our heads in bills and house payments................well then darn it we'll have gone out in style!

    At least husband is helping Travis drag out decor..................... He knows not to buck me when I get like this, I'm like a whirlwind........get in my way and you'll just get flattened. :rofl:

    Ho Ho Ho :christmaslights::forchristmas::elf::santa:

    Now on to the decorating!!!!
  10. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    It sounds absolutely wonderful, Lisa!
  11. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member made me smile. I dont think I have ever known a Xmas like that. Mine certainly wont be like that this year. I am finding it really hard to be in any sort of Xmas spirit at all. We wont even decorate the house this year I dont think. Cory and Mandy may do their room though.

    We wont get Keyana at all over the holidays because her momma is moving on the 29th I think to MO without Keyana and Cameron so I dont mind her having all the time with them. I know its going to be so very hard on her leaving them behind. It just hurts me not having her here to give her the presents at Xmas. We will get her the NYE weekend though so we can do it then.

    I think Tony and I will still go up to VA for the actual Xmas weekend...if we can swing it, just to have something.