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    If this isn't the pot calling the kettle black? Or something like it....

    Ms. Queen, control queen says to my mother in yet another attempt to control a situation that is just NOT going to happen over me (or whole house) while screaming it hysterically stomping up the stairs, "she's your daughter control her!" We all just about busted a gut laughing. Really?? Ummm, deary YOU are MY daughter too and "controlling" you would be oh so nice but it's just not in the cards for the forseeable future. Furthermore, "I" am and adult.

    Mother just says to me....."are you under control now?" laughing...and that I've been under control for ** years now and was never "out" of control.

    By the way, this was simply about kicking us off the couch for her. There is another one she just didn't want to go on that one.
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    Miss KT used to tell on me, too. Too funny!
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    And years down the road you'll be laughing even harder because her daughter will be saying that to you as she stomps off in a tiff because of something Ms. Queen said/made her do. lol