Circle of Strength for Copabanana

pigless in VA

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Let's show our friend Copa how many of us know she can return to work and be strong.

:cheerleader::cheerleader: Go, Copa! :cheerleader::cheerleader:

Another lame cheer brought to you by a non-cheerleader.

Your CD board friends support you 100%!

so ready to live

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Copa--you can do this-"you are good enough, you are strong enough and darn it people like you"... and you are living/have lived through everything with your son. There are others who don't know the strength it takes to do this, but we do. You can do ANYTHING! Prayers.

Scent of Cedar *

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You've worked hard Copa, and you've come back strong, and healthy and whole, and here you are, and they need you.

Wishing every success!

You go, girl.





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You are doing something that is hard for you. Getting back into the work force after a prolonged absence is never easy under the bet of circumstances.

But you will be stronger for it. More self-assured. No matter how it turns out.

It is these trials that make us stronger, Copa.



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We love you Copa and we know what a strong, capable, wonderful woman you are. You've got this.

New Leaf

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I am rooting for you Copa, you got this. I know you will be more than fine, you will be AWESOME!
Age is just a number but more importantly, you have years of experience.
(((BIG HUGS)))