Circle of Support for Pigless in VA


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Pigless has had a VERY rough couple of months. From her father's mental decline and driving difficulties combined with the extended family piling up on her when she insisted he be evaluated to see if it was safe for him to drive, to some issues she learned about with her son, it was very tumultuous. Then yesterday her son got upset and tried to commit suicide in front of her and her daughter. It was not something anyone needed to see, but especially not after all the upheaval and stress of her last couple of months.

Let's pull together and let her know that we are all here for her and thinking of her, praying, rattling beads and dancing for her!

Reaching out from the wilds of Oklahoma to ....


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I am always amazed at the various problems caused by the X Box. My son doesn't play his that much because he has come to realize that if he isn't constantly coming and going, busy with activities, etc., he will melt down and start having panic attacks. If he stays in the house and does nothing, watches TV, etc., his anxiety and depression will overtake him. If he's not in school, he's swimming or volunteering at the animal shelter. When he goes to friends' houses he plays the X-Box, but he is careful because he has learned that it's a trigger for his anxiety and depression.


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And all of it piled on top of father in law's death and the aftermath. Too much! Sending a whole lot of support from out West.


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Thousands of gentle hugs, prayers for peace, and wrapping your son in love.....from the ❤ of Texas....and onto...

pigless in VA

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Cedar, Ferb is okay. He is calmer now and went to work.

Thank you all so much for wishing us well. Sorry that I didn't see this watercooler thread sooner. It helps to know that you cyber friends are here, there, everywhere.