Circle of Support for Tiredof33


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Tiredof33's daughter is facing surgery and treatment for cancer. She needs our support. Let's circle the wagons.......

Sending good vibes for your precious family from the Heart of Texas and on to.......


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Thank you all so much! I was concerned when she had to weather the hurricane and lost power. It was restored in time for her to take care of her many rescue animals (Tha Zoo lol) before facing her surgery and recovery time.

She is groggy tonight and nauseous, but I'm sure they will give her medications for that. She does have chemo to look forward to.

My baby sister is resting at home from her 6 month hospital stay battling leukemia and her heart is now functioning at 66% so she should be ready for the next round of chemo and the bone marrow transplant around the end of the year.

My senior mother has finally talked my senior stepfather (like a father) into letting us provide a cleaning service once a week.

My life is fodder for a Nicholas Sparks' novel. But life is good lol! I have increased my gym time to one hour a day! Some days I dream of having my own island...................

(((hugs and blessings)))