Cloth Sanitary Pads

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    SomeWhereOutThere's started topic of conversation, Do you remember when, got me thinking about this one.

    Anyone else make the switch to cloth pads at any point in their life?

    I did, and though I no longer use them, I wore reusable cloth pads for the better part of 15 years.

    Can't even remember exactly why I made the switch (environmental reasons mostly if my memory serves me right), but once I made the switch I never went back to using disposable paper pads again.

    Made my own pads from scratch... never had a problem using them or laundering them. Oldest daughter uses cloth pads to this day, mostly when she's at home, but nonetheless, she's a cloth user and has been for the past 8-9 years.
  2. Pink Elephant

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    And... I'm going to come out of the closet on this one and add, I wear granny panties, too! There! :)

    Anyone else game to come out of the closet? LOL!
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    We should just skip the middle man and wear disposable underwear.
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    ROFL!!! Good one, Sam!

    Every now and then I'll think to myself, now why didn't I think of that, and this is one of those times! :)
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    Define "granny panties."

    Do you mean those silky feeling ones that kind of look like baggy boxer shorts? My grandmother wore those.

    Do you mean cotton briefs? Guilty as charged. Except mine have pretty colors and patterns on them.
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    These! Full-cut panties. I've been ordering mine for years through Sears, but most large department stores carry a good selection of the above.

    I wear both cotton and nylon... though I prefer the nylon ones more, especially under dress slacks and things.

    Regarding your grandmother, are you thinking of bloomers?
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  9. GoingNorth

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    Not only do I wear granny panties NOW, but I wore them as a young teen with a damned good figure. It started because I couldn't tolerate dyed or nylon underwear. Then, bikini underwear came out and I was uncomfortable in them, so back to granny panties I went.

    The few people who saw me in my granny panties when I was young may have been a bit surprised, but were either medical personnel or more interested in getting me OUT of those panties to much care.

    I find them more comfortable and that's that.

    A friend, many years ago, bought me a few pairs of thong underwear. I tried on pair and actually managed to keep them on for about 20 mins before giving in to the pain. Not discomfort, not feeling funny, outright pain. I disposed of the worn pair and gave the rest back to my friend who couldn't quite believe that they were painful.
  10. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    I've only used pads a few times: For my first period (yes, with a belt). After that I went to tampons.

    The only times after that were when I got my period unexpectedly while in the hospital and had to do with maternity pads. (Not a bad idea with the kind of flow I had).

    After a couple of incidents like that, I went to carrying a box of tampons with me at all times...just in case, as opposed to just carrying 4 to hold me until I could get home or to a store.
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    It's true, and being the bigger girl that I've always been, granny panties were all that I wore as a young child and all through my teens, too, but after having children, my buttocks, thighs, and hips grew even more, and grannies were are the only panties that contain everything properly and comfortably.
  12. Pink Elephant

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    I've never ventured beyond tradition, meaning grannies all the way! :)
  13. Pink Elephant

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    Always pads for me. Don't know why (exactly)... possibly a carry-over from my early years. It's all I knew from the start, so I just carried on using pads.
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    Lol...this topic is so ewww. I am glad those days are very over. For me, at least.
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    Behind me now, too, but a fact of life there's no hiding from. I think we as women are able to handle and talk about such topics, because we're conditioned from an early start to accept such things. Sort of like becoming a mother and knowing diapers will be a part of that experience.
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    I think i want to be a man in my next

    I dont think many women use napkins anymore. There are less messy and stinky (ewww) alternatives.
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    LOL, SWOT!