Coaster Going UPPPPPPP?


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Hi Family:

I am, tonight feeling off balance. difficult child is stirring some unwanted thoughts in my brain and I am having trouble detaching this moment. She and her boyfriend broke up , then they got back together, then they spent the night and are not sure where they are at.....Tonight difficult child is at an "old lawyer friends" house :hypnosis: Did I hear "relapse mode"? What is worse is that I have called her 3 times since she told me this unwanted information and just now she is still with him and has to walk home thru crack town because this guys child is sleeping and she stayed way too late and he can't drive her.....Every other night this week she was at a meeting. :grrr:
I am really thinking this is a sign of Relapse Mode.....I can't stop it but why am I having so much trouble detaching this time? She knows I have told her numerous times, that I would rather she call in to check in and spare me the details...... :nonono:
Yuk... I hate this feeling, usually I try to refocus on my main concern "Baby J" that is what I am going to do......If you want to see picture of my darling or my wedding...PM me with your e-mail.....
husband and I went to "meet the teacher" night tonight....husband was so cute, this being his very first time at his..... :bravo:
They said Baby J was adjusting nicely and he loves to dance :smile:
He is learning more signs and saying more words.....What a good baby he is.

Thanks for listening,
Melissa :angel:


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Sounds like relapse mode to me. We usually can feel these things in our guts and I can't recall a time that too many of us were wrong.

There is absolutley nothing you can do about it. You know that by now!!

I would stop asking her to even check in with you. She is an adult.

Enjoy baby J. I'm so glad the teacher night went well, and how nice to see the part about "husband and I went" How cute!!


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Hi Melissa,
Sorry it seems that difficult child is in relapse mode. I hope not.

Glad you and husband had a fun time at the "meet the teacher" night. Your baby J sounds like such a cutie. Yes, concentrate on the things you can control and leave the rest alone. Easier said than done huh.

How did the meeting with bio dad and difficult child go? I would think that stirs up alot of emotion all the way around.



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Oh gosh, Melissa, I hope she's not. I too was wondering about bio - did they visit? Do you think the anticipation or meeting has something to do with her possible relapse?

Sending hugs,
I'm praying real hard for your difficult child. I have a big soft spot for the recovering (and the maybe not quite ready to recover) difficult children on the board.


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You Guys are so sweet.


Melissa :angel:

PS I am up at 3:53am due to bad in watercooler.