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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I just got a call from the psychiatric hospital that difficult child is going to. She tooko all medication history, and other info and said difficult child would be allowed to call me any time that he wasn't in "school", group, etc, and that I could call and check on him and sw would call me tomorrow about payment and visitation. Then she said by the end of this week or ealry next week, they should have a comprehensive services plan. What exactly is that? I really hope it isn't a discharge with appts made to psychiatrist/therapist and "here- everything is fine" or "here- here's all you need to do" without them finding out all the info here. Plus, difficult child is to be held at psychiatric hospital or detention, at least until his hearing in 3 weeks.
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    And sd is supposed to be evaluation'ing him for his triennial review- does anyone know how they go about meeting that obligation if the kid is in detention or psychiatric hospital?
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    his IEP will be transferred to the school that teaches in the psychiatric hospital or detention. Reviews may have to wait, or may be covered while in teh psychiatric hospital.

    The comprehensive svcs plan sounds like a good thing. I will hope it includes more than just some appts.

    I think it will be a good "wake-up" call for difficult child to be held away from home until his hearing in 3 weeks. Hopefully in that time he will be evaluated and given some real help that is appropriate for his mental health problems.

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    I would ask her what it means. I think if he were at home, it would include services from all county agencies involved.. and it could be that it is that, even while in psychiatric hospital. Stand your ground about him not being safe at home.. but you do not hae to worry about that right this minute.

    The IEP follows him to the psychiatric hospital.. the county will work with the psychiatric hospital in coordinating everything. I have attended IEP meetings by phone with a psychiatric hospital, it's done all the time.
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    D's psychiatric hospital "plan" was a referral to a center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities and a follow up with a psychiatrist.

    I would be very surprised if psychiatric hospital kept him 3 weeks - I had to pull teeth for our psychiatric hospital to keep D 10 days. I think the typical stay is like 5-7 days?

    It's gonna be a discharge plan with whatever services are available in your area, I'm sure. Like, Wrap Around. But I'd call and ask just to be sure.