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Coookie, Sweetie. Where are you? Is everything OK? Haven't "seen" your smiling face around for a while, and I miss you. Please show some sign of life.

Love, Esther


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I was thinking the same thing Esther. I miss her every morning with her cookie monster slippers and oreo's.
I hope she stops in.

Stella Johnson

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We emailed back and forth a couple of days ago. Her difficult child is getting a little better, I think.

She's been really busy with her Mystery Shopping and getting ready for her PI training.



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Hello my friends,

I'm Sorry... :frown: I have checked in once in awhile, not posted but lurked. :frown: Been trying to keep my head above the difficult child he##. difficult child is still job hunting and deciding on school. He was supposed to go for his second run at passing his drivers test this morning...but he will not get is very hard letting his dad deal with all this but I'm doing the best I can. :mad:

I have just finished my Private Investigation Course and am submitting my final test. It was a home study course and I have been working very hard at it. I have gotten A's on all my other tests (4) so hoping I get the same on this one. I have gotten many new and different types of shops and working on my Casino shop right now too.

Even though I haven't responded to any posts, you all are in my prayers daily and Fran, you will be missed as the owner/administrator...always a leveling voice but I'm sure the new one will be good. She will be learning from the master. :grin:

Things with difficult child are relatively unchanged and I have been trying so hard to distance myself from the pain that is usually involved with him. :frown: Guess maybe I went too far... :blush: Sorry.

Well, think I will take my Cookie Monster Slippers and Oreo's over to the Morning Thread and say hello.

I love you guys...


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Oh, I never thought of you as an undercover P.I.
Very cool. I just started the Stephanie Plum series. She is a bailbondsman who clears up mystries. It's sort of Nancy Drew all grown up and born on the other side of the tracks.(like me):)
Cook, don't be a stranger. Many of us really do miss your pleasant personality.


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It's good to see you, Robby. We miss you when you're not popping in. Congrats on finishing up on your PI license...and on your 4.0 GPA. You go, girl! We'll have to help you design your business cards when you're ready to hang out your shingle (wasn't it Jim Rockford who had tons of cards from which he would pick and choose? :smile: ).

Keep your chin up.........and when you can't, drag your chin over here and talk to us. We'll be here.



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What do you hope to do with the PI designation? I'm really
curious. I can't picture "little" you lurking in a dark
alley waiting to take a picture of a bad guy???

Are there more generic uses for PI's?? Maybe accident injury investigation?

When you have nothing to us an overview.

Still sending warm thoughts North to you. DDD


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Coookie, thanks so much for dropping by and letting us know how you are. Your course sounds so interesting, and your work afterwards will probably be fascinating. Good for you!

Special hugs to you,

Love, Esther


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Congradulations so far my Friend. You have been missed so much.
Was just looking at your 2005 Picture on my Fridge asking it where you were.
I have missed you sooooo much.

Joy xoxoxoxo


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Well let's see DDD... :grin:

Lurking in a dark alley can be part of it but I don't think that is what I want to do. It can be used in Loss Prevention in a store, following a wayward spouse, background checks (which I already do), .... the possibilities are endless. :grin:

It also helps in my Mystery Shopping which I have been doing for awhile now.

Janet, difficult child is about the same. :frown: Depressed, floating, no direction...husband is about fed up...which is a good thing. We are just hanging on with hopes for a better future. :frown: and I am keeping myself extremely busy.

Thank you my friends. Hopefully soon I will be able to be on more.

Hugs & love...