Cop cars at school...ptsd

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. buddy

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    And yet, cops never were called on Q. I just always panicked if I saw them. I was always sure he had fallen apart.

    Along with the special needs programs for developmentally delayed kids, this new school has an alc program as well as an emotional /behavioral program. There's always one cop here but I drove up and there were other police cars. I'm happy to say my heart didn't flip out.

    I had to do some self talk but I wasn't really worried that it was Q.

    I told the woman behind the desk that I was dropping off medications, luckily Q saw me and came over to the door. He took the medications, said thank you, and gave me a high 5... and told me he would see me at 3.

    Compared to where we have been this is a great thing. As a small child he would tip over tables when I was at his school. Even in middle school I volunteered in the library, to help work on his learning to accept me when I would be in his school.
    And last year, as you all know, was heck.

    I need these moments to help me realize how far we've come.
  2. InsaneCdn

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    Yay Q!
    And double-yay for the Warrior Mom!

    You've BOTH come so far!!!
  3. TerryJ2

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    :yourock:VERY good, for both of you!!!!! I'm high-fiving you, too!
  4. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    High fives all around :)
  5. TeDo

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    I know the feeling of that kind of fear. I am VERY happy you were able to talk yourself out of it and even happier that Q reacted to you the way he did. I know how he gets with cops around and glad it didn't seem to phase him this time. You have BOTH come a long ways. More high 5's to you BOTH (and an extra ((((HUG)))) to you!!
  6. Calamity Jane

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    I'm so glad the cops weren't there for Q, and thrilled he gave you a high 5. With all the ups and downs you go through, every "up" is a blessing.
  7. StressedM0mma

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    Yay for Q!!! And Good job to you. Glad he had such a great reaction when he saw you. I am sure the breath you took when it was over was a deep one of relief.
  8. Bunny

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    Woo hoo!! I'm so happy for both of you!
  9. buddy

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    Thanks, yes you all have come to know me very well!
  10. Liahona

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    How wonderful that Q acted so well with you there! Mine are still working on the what to do if mom is in a different setting than expected problem.
  11. HaoZi

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