Could you cross your fingers for difficult child#1's "missing" friend.UPDATED

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. DDD

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    difficult child has a female friend who is unmedicated BiPolar (BP), ADHD and has had substance abuse issues for over ten years. She married three or four years ago and has two little girls and a devoted difficult child husband. She has always been very kind and caring with her family..and with us. She quit drugs a few years ago.

    At eight this AM her husband and her Mom showed up looking for difficult child#1 to get his help. At four this morning one of the little girls woke up looking for Mommy and Mommy was not there. It's now almost three in the afternoon and they have not found her. She was not abducted. There is no concern about foul play. The concern is that she's turned to drugs again. Sigh! Maybe a few crossed fingers will bring her home safely.
    Lord, I hate drugs. DDD
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  2. Tiredof33

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    So sad!! it's hard enough, but when the children are thrown into the equation it is heart wrenching. My prayers will be that she just need a break from the marriage (no drugs involved) and will return home now that she has had time to settle down.
  3. PatriotsGirl

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    Oh no, prayers definitely sent...
  4. Nancy

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    Oh dear, sending prayers that she is found safe. Those poor children, how frightening for them.

  5. Kathy813

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    Adding my prayers, too. Did she leave the children all alone or was her husband there?
  6. DDD

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    Her husband and the children were fast asleep. The two of them do a really good job of parenting and her Mom is very close to both of them. She called me yesterday and told me she had lost her job but sounded upbeat. I'm hoping she just decided she needed a break and is avoiding destructive choices. Actually I'm a bit shocked they haven't heard from her yet. There's a faint chance she took off with an old boyfriend. Sigh! Whatever she did or did not do I'm positive that she dreads facing her Mom and her husband...they are both devoted to her and the kids. DDD
  7. toughlovin

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    Gosh DDD fingers are crossed....hoping for the best.

  8. Kathy813

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    Phew/whew. I thought you meant she had left the children alone. Any news yet?
  9. rejectedmom

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    Hoping all turns out well.
  10. DDD

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    She is safely home. Just called me a few minutes ago. Her story in convoluted, sigh, but she's safe and sound. Says she just got overwhelmed and went for a walk.......that turned into many miles. Her husband accepts her story and is really happy that she is safe and sound. Her Mom, a Warrior Mom with-o CD affiliations, is relieved but chapped off. According to GFGgirl (are you guys ready for this?)...she found out that her Mom had GPS on her cell phone and got really angry. She went for a walk that turned into almost twelve hours. OK, can we all say in unison "users are liars".
    Sad. But thanks so very much for thinking of her. She's a mess but she is literally the only one who has ever said "if you need any help Gramma just call us and we will be there and won't expect to get paid". Her heart is good and she literally just stops by the store to give "Grandad" a hug occasionally. I'm so relieved. DDD
  11. susiestar

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    (((((many hugs))))) I just saw this. I am hoping that she really was just off on a walk. A friend of my mom's has a daughter who did this while unmedicated for her bipolar. It is part of mania or a mixed state and she would lose time. For a while it was so bad that her parents were paying her to let them raise her son. She would be cleaned up and medicated by court time and then would take off with her son for months at a time, so finally they stopped listening to those saying to file for custody and just did what htey could to keep him safe until she was ready to get help.

    I pray this is what she did - truly lost time. But, addicts lie and it is always a possiblity.
  12. DDD

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    That's a possibility, Susie. We do not live in a big city and difficult child#2 literally drove the community looking for her from eight to three or so and her Mom did also. Sigh.

    She called me to apologize, shared her story and then almost immediately said she was going to xyz with a job application in the morning. Although I doubt it will happen she also said "I need to get back on my medications and am going to call for an appointment when we hang up."

    In today's paper there is another article about Florida vastly reducing funding for substance abuse and mental health. It's all so sad. I hope she can find help because she's got a good heart. DDD