Could you spare some good thoughts, please?



I talked with a friend of mine who I've been close to since we were 11. Another friend of ours, who we've known since the same time, was hospitalized involuntarily a year ago with bipolar. In the state of NY, where these 2 friends live it takes almost an act of god to involuntarily hospitalize someone, from what I've been told. The police had to come to her house and take her to the hospital.

She was in the hospital for a couple of months then went to a halfway house. She was in complete denial of her condition and stopped all medications once she was released. She went on with her life, giving in to her illness and found herself pregnant and not sure who the father is. The baby was born in October and my friend voluntarily placed him in foster care. She finally realized that she needed help and could not care for an infant while she was unstable. She is now doing all the right things - therapy, medications, etc - to try to regain custody. She also has a 14 year old daughter who lived with her father while friend was in the psychiatric hospital and the father got emergency custody. That is, until the FBI and police did a drug raid on his house. The 14 year old daughter is now back with friend, but this has to be so hard on her. I can't imagine.

My friend's mother died while she was in high school. It was obvious something was different about her mom, but we were kids and just thought her mom was weird. It turns out her mother was also hospitalized a couple of times for "nervousness", but it was something that was never talked about. My friend never received any help for her illness as a child, even though we knew she needed it. My mother said she's not surprised by friend's diagnosis given what she saw when friend was a child.

I haven't been in contact with this friend for over a year. After she was hospitalized she cut off contact with a lot of people because she was angry over what happened. She felt like we ganged up on her. I'm afraid that now she might be too embarrassed. She had the baby in October and none of her friends knew until Christmas.

Would you please spare a good thought her way that she is able to finally accept the help that she needs and get better? She has such a loving heart. She has had such a hard time of it.

Thank you.
Know what I have learned since coming to this board? Giving good thoughts and prayers has nothing to do with "sparing" them. Honestly, the more prayers and "hugs" I have given, the more I seem to find in my "reserve".

Many hugs and prayers to you friend. May God comfort and guide her. Oh, and she is fortunate to have a friend in you.