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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marcie Mac, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Today is SO's birthday, so I told him I would treat him to Sushi, his favorite. We have not been out to eat in absolute months so it was actually a treat for the both of us. I didn't tell the boys as they would have wanted to come and I didn't have time to take out a 2nd loan on the house to pay for the amount of sushi those two can eat in one sitting. SO is bad enough on his own.

    My first option was to a new high end Chinese Restaurant that opened with much fanfare- two blocks away- 6 weeks ago - its closed already

    And all 4 Sushi restaurants in town - closed - we had to drive to the next town over for dinner, and we were one of three couples in there on a Friday night. Since we had gone from eating out 5 nights a week to eating at home for 7, we never noticed the restaurants had shut down due to the bad economy.

    Our city isn't very big but we had a lot of cultural restaurants available and the Sushi bars were not the only closings - we started noticing a LOT of vacancies around as we were driving.

    It was sort of depressing..

  2. gcvmom

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    The weather tonight probably didn't help business, either!

    Happy birthday to SO! It's my mom's birthday, too :)

    If you're ever in my neighborhood, there's a great Japanese place with a sushi bar on the corner of YL Blvd and Rose Dr called "Ise". They have all-you-can-eat :sushi: sushi specials mid-week, and a really good lunch special, too with very generous portions (in my opinion). husband and I sneak over there for lunch occasionally when he's working from home.
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    Happy birthday to SO!

    If you are ever in this neck of the woods, one of Jessie's friends has parents who own a sushi/Japanese/steak restaurant with what I am told is AMAZING sushi - old family recipes. Her parents are first generation Americans, so the recipes truly ARE authentic.

    Several years her parents would bring HUGE platters of sushi to the kids' parties at school. Surprisingly, the kids usually ate most of the food, though many had never even heard of it.

    I hope that the economy in your town picks up, and in ALL our towns.