Counselor says difficult child is addicted to adrenaline rush


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difficult child has been going to a counselor that specializes in Anger Management. difficult child likes for me to stay in the room with him for the appointment. When the counselor asked him if he thought he'd feel better if he stopped raging, difficult child replied that he didn't think so. He said that he feels better after being angry & raging. The counselor got out paperwork from his cabinet and read a paragraph to us that talked about being addicted to having an adrenaline rush. I've always said that difficult child is so hard to get moving in the morning that it's like he's not happy until we have a fight. Some people like to start their day with a cup of coffee, he likes to start his with an argument!

So, I did a quick search and came up with a sight that had quite a few articles on anger. I never heard of it before but the people addicted to adrenaline are called Rageaholics.

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I have often said that the tweedles cannot live with-o chaos. I asked one therapist if he thought they were addicted to the chaos. He answered that the tweedles didn't know anything but chaos, probably from the womb.

I believe what your therapist told you & difficult child today.

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Keep in mind, too, that anxiety can trigger the Fight or Flight response. Someone quite anxious about something might explode in a rage as part of the Fight response. Once the emotion is released, the anxiety lessens and the person can function more normally. Doing it repeatedly may be indicative of an on going highly stressful situation, not addiction to the feeling.


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Another thing: Anyone with bipolar mania (or hypomania) knows that, when in that state of mind, you crave excitement. It's not an addiction. It's part of the mood disorder. When it is treated and taken care of there is no longer the need to live on the edge.