Court Decision


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Ok we are back. In our little burg, you can only have a PD after you have a hearing to determine if you are truly indigent. difficult child decided to just waive attorney altogether. I did get to go up to prosecutor's desk and was asked if he lived at home, had a job, etc.

When all was said and done, difficult child had $855 in fines/court cost which he paid. License is suspended for 6 mos., he has to take some classes to the tune of $150, which he will pay and he is on probation for 11 mos 29 days which will cost him another $30 per month. He will pay off fees and once license is restored, we will help him out with a car and he will pay this back.

He is kind of upset and stressed right now but hey, he did it to him self and he knows this.

See Ya!


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I know you are relieved that it is over, even if it wasn't exactly what you hoped for. Let's hope that looking forward to
next year will help him make good choices. Hugs. DDD


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I'm glad he's stressed, Robyn. He should be.

Here's hoping it sinks in. :smile:



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The stress is good! Hopefully he is stressed enough to not want to make the same mistake.

My son always took it in stride ~ no cares or worries



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Well at least you won't have to worry about him driving for a little while.
Sounds like all in all it went pretty well.


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wow that is all very good and fair it seems. now if he hates this enough, he will remember not to act that way again. (my mantra for ant as well)