Court this morning.... could get interesting.


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Hi All.

Over the weekend I've been reading and rereading this paperwork dropped off by the caseworker. I"m scared!

( A special friend of ours feels that some of this paperwork is way off.)Alot is negative. Not only that; but it looks like some of it has been written up wrong.
Some of it seems to be written positively so that we can see them getting help for my son. Talk about confusion and raw nerves!

This whole thing is getting ready to start at 9 am eastern. I would appreciate an extra "rhino coat" for husband since I'm gonna be snuggled down in this one :laugh:
I'm so nervous I feel like I'm shaking inside out.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Good luck with court this morning!! In my dealings with the justice system it has always been in a "wait and see" mode. So don't be surprised if nothing is actually resolved seems they always need more info, or a different opinion, or somebody can't make the hearing so it is delayed while you wait for some "final" decision, that never comes. Not trying to bring you down, but just trying to prepare you for less than a solid decision as the hearing outcome....</span>

:rolleyes: :faint: :slap:


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Praying for you and your family, court is always a difficult thing to go through and your situation certainly sounds extra difficult. Update us when you are back home and up to it. Stay strong!


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Hi All,
I'm back and husband went to work. sigh...
I met the Guardian ad litem... she was sitting on the same bench as me waiting for court to start. We did the mundane chat thing.
I did not recognize the caseworker and told him so. ( I do not have an official diagnosis of faceblind. doesnt matter there is no cure for it anyway. )Anyway, he asked me where the kids were and I told him we were able to get a couple of babysitters for this time. I didnt know who would be available when the next dates came up.sigh....
Anyway, I asked to see th epic he had of my son. He said "He hasnt changed since you last saw him." I saw the picture and realized that his face looked swollen. I said "Oh my God! What happened to his face? He didnt look like that when I hugged and kissed him good bye." the caseworker said that the picture had been taken when he was admitted.
I thought about that picture. I realized later that my son had stuck his tongue down in part of his cheek making it look swollen."
I'm gonna really listen to hear whom he says did that. ( husband was at work when the lady police officer took him to the hospital and then I followed him to the hospital and then to the transfer done at the main hospital in the city.) All of this happened between 2 or 3 and finally I left the city hospital at 1am!
I will get an atty for free. Unfortunately, My husband will have to pay for an Atty. We cannot afford this. I dont know what will happen now.
I'm still in scared mode. I will be going into town to find out who I get for the free atty tomorrow after lunch. Then, I will call that atty and see how soon I can go talk to him/her. I dont know what to expect or what I need to bring with me.
Thankfully, we have finished our homeschooling for this year:) I wont have to worry about that for now.


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Fingers crossed that you get an attorney who is bright, caring
and has some understanding of complex difficult child issues. Hugs. DDD


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I'm so glad you get an atty. for free. Why do you get one for free, but husband has to pay for one? Could the free atty. recomend someone. The best atty I've had doesn't advertise except by word of mouth. Do you have anyone to help you with money? I worry and pray for you and your family.