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Marcie Mac

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Went to the court yesterday book in hand thinking it was going to be an all day deal. When I checked in with the bailff, his public defender heard me say his name and came over. Said don't worry, he will get off today for time served. HUH??

I said there must be a mistake - he was arrested for a felony on friday for fighting. He went HUH?? So then came back and told me that no, those were all dropped as the DA said the case was totally without merit - he was there today for being drunk in public.

In July, he was comming home from a club, was drunk and passed out in the front seat. His friend who was drunk and driving missed the turn to our house, and ended up in my neighbors yard - another stunning moment for the Mac neighgborhood. He got out of the car not knowing what happened, but insisted HE was driving so his friend would not have to go to jail. He wasn't driving - Brans window is facing the street and as soon as she heard the screech she looked out and saw he wasn't driving. But he was being so obnoxious about being at fault, and wouldn't go into the house when he was told, I told the cop, you know, just take him out of here, and they did. He didn't appear in court because he was by that time in jail again, but did write the court a letter apologizing and advising why he didn't appear. The pd did tell me the judge had the letter.

I had a weird thought of wondering what this guy would do if I keeled over then and there, cause I felt like doing that right then and there.

I am hoping that the prospect of looking at 35 years to life in jail scared the bejesus out of him this time and make him realize this is serious stuff. He said he wanted to make a psychiatric appointment to get a rx for his anxiety. I told him no way, I was getting the rx for anxiety - he needed to ask for something for his impulse control. :frown:

Thank you for all of your good thoughts. God, I am so tired of being on Mr. Toads wild ride.....



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marcie, the real world would never be able to read what you just wrote and believe it! honestly I do not know how we face each day!! court...been there done that jail...BTD drugs, sex, alcohol, late nights, scarey people, horrifying phone calls, last kids...

all in a days work..sigh

I am relieved and hope you are too. so on we go...


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Yikes!! :wildone:

get off the wild ride and take a spa day, or a weekend at the beach ALONE. It amazes me what we deal with sometimes. I'd write a screenplay but nobody would buy fantastical!



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Marcie, phew/whew about no felony. Glad things worked out better than you had hoped. Let's hope it sinks in with Danny.

Take care of yourself, my friend. You really do seem overwhelmed. How about a cyber walk along the beach?

Sending hugs your way,