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    I am finally in possession of the actual letter that states that the school's allegation of "medical neglect" by me is UNFOUNDED!!!

    Pass the party hats :laughing:

    It states in the letter than I have 10 days to tell them if I feel that the report was "falsely filed" in which case the report will be retained for possible charges against school personnel if they call in another false report. If I don't tell them, then all identifying information will be removed from the State's central computer and I will have difficulty proving a pattern of harassment.

    Here is my letter:

    This is in regards to File# 1XX-A. I believe that this report was falsely filed in order to coerce me as part of my daughter’s special education IEP process. The school was in possession of multiple letters and reports from my daughter’s doctors so a claim of “medical neglect” was clearly false.

    Do you think I need to put anything else in there???
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    I'm tempted not to send the letter because I'd love for all identifying information about me to be out of the child abuse/neglect computer but I know I need the protection of having the false report flag in there...
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    Sounds good to me- I think I'd be tempted to call the school (whoever started this ***) and nicely say that "I just received this letter and since I know how concerned you have been, I wanted to make sure you have received a copy- Oh, you haven't? Well, I'll make sure I have one in your hands next week. Thank you!"
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    Klmno - I have another IEP meeting with them next week and you can bet I'm going to ask if they are done playing games and wasting CPS's valuable time and resources on their pathetic little power play. I'm hoping to transfer Kanga to the day treatment school so the 2 of the 4 "problem staff" will no longer be involved in Kanga's case. I did like the staff at the day treatment center -- especially the fact the 5 of them took time to meet with husband and I (principal, teacher, aide, sw, school pysch). The "head honcho" remains that same but she didn't get involved until Dumb or Dumber called her so I'm hoping she will fade away once Kanga is transferred.
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    I can understand how tempting it is to want the whole thing to just disappear. However, I really think you need the protection offered should the SD decide to act up again.
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    Definitely send the letter. Having this on file can be a distinct advantage if there are ever any future claims by anyone, not just the school district.

    I wouldn't go into the IEP making the statements you made. I'd go more KLMNO's route of offering it for their files (and sweetly thank them for their concern). Whether they get the sarcasm is irrelevant. What matters is that they will see a letter that offers you an option to sue them if they make further claims without you having to make any threats. I found that when dealing with the schools, sweetness got me much better results than my anger, however justified. It also helped to have some nice backups (like adoption services) to force them to do something.
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    JJJ - you know you need to send the letter, especially with- this garbage about an IEP mtg to determine if she *needs* services in hospital and day treatment, and with what I suspect is going to be a major hissy fit when they get hit for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) educational services. These people wanted to start mainstreaming her, for heaven's sake, and I would expect them to only go kicking and screaming in the opposite direction.

    You may still be in the database, but right next to that will be the lovely beautiful word "unfounded".

    I would also point out that this was the SD's second unfounded allegation in .. what, 4 months?
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    JJJ, I've already offered my opinion but wanted to add that I have had to defend myself to a gal, social services, a custody case and a PO this past year, and next is going to be the sd (again) or state doe. It is a royal PITA to get hit with attacks from people who wouldn't have a clue how to deal with our difficult child's, much less who would make half the efforts we do- they don't even know what all we do. However, I have come to look at it not so much in terms of "who accused me and put me in this position and I don't want people thinking that of me" but instead, now I look at it more like "I proved myself to this person and this court and this agency and here is the proof". Make sure you keep your proof and that there is something in writing at school in difficult child's file- that will go a lot farther than saying something verbally in an IEP meeting, even if you still want to bring it up then. It will work in your favor in the long run, I believe, that you have successfully passed scrutiny from a lot of people.
  9. mrscatinthehat

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    I would send the letter. But of course I am in no position to push you because I can't even get my letter to the head of dhs and the governor about difficult child 2 written. It can be hard but we have to do these things if nothing else to CYA.


  10. Marguerite

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    An opinion from Down Under -

    Send the letter. You need "unfounded" on file, because it's likely that something like this WILL happen again; either from the school (again) or at some unknown time in the future, someone will indicate that they know more than you and will want you to do what they say, and try to use CPS as leverage.

    BUT - I'm with those who advise to NOT go to the school in any attitude of weight-throwing. This would make you as bad as them. Just sweetly offer them a copy of the letter. In fact, don't offer it - take a copy with you, maybe ask if they got it but make sure you leave a copy of what YOU received, so they can see the offer by CPS to keep it on file for evidence for a later lawsuit, should you choose.

    THAT should be enough for the school to tell Dumb or Dumber to shut up in future.

    Let the school handle it from there, in-house. Just because you'd love to be a fly on the wall - sorry, you'll just have to daydream instead.

    Your letter to CPS - keep it unemotional, but I would point out that you want it kept on file because this is the second time in four months and is beginning to look vexatious. You could mention your suspicion that you think the report was the result of your refusal to accept the school's ruling on (whatever it was - sorry, I can't recall the fine details right now). But be specific. And make sure you say, "in my opinion" or "I believe" rather than making a blanket statement. Keep it brief, leave it at that. because your aim here is not to immediately set the dogs on Dumb or Dumber, you're just laying in groundwork. Also be aware, the letter you send now has to stand up in court if you choose to take action at a later date. So be polite. An air of puzzled reasonableness is best, regardless of how you feel.

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    Thanks all. I sent the letter this morning.