Cranial Sacral therapy


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Has anyone tried this with their difficult child? On the advice of a co-worker, my DEX decided to take our 5 year old difficult child. He's been to one appointment. Very interesting. The therapist examined him, and declared that he has one leg shorter than the other, and this could be causing all sorts of imbalances in his body. She mostly focused on his head, and then at the end, told him she had given him a "new head". He got a kick out of that. She also had a therapy dog on the table with him the whole time. The dog just licked his hands, and cuddled with him. Apparently, this lady does cranial sacral therapy on both humans and animals. Sounds pretty wacky and out there for me, but I wanted to know if anyone here has had any experience with this type of therapy. I'm a skeptic to the core, and sometimes wish I wasn't.

He's also been on Omega 3 for about 6 months, and at first, we noticed a real improvement, but lately he has been backsliding.
A friend of mine took her daughter for cranial sacral therapy and it has definitely helped her behaviors. She has virtually no violent outbursts now. They used to be common.