D Day is Rapidly Approaching

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Mom's house sold. She finalizes the sale on the 31st. My brothers will be moving her here saturday the 2nd. She will say at my aunts the 31st and the 1st cuz brothers can't move her until the weekend due to work.

She has run the gambit between stable and unstable........and I do mean one extreme to the other. I'd expected it. I'm just glad I wasn't mostly on the receiving end. whew

Now that the closing is rapidly approaching.......she is growing more and more stable. I think she is as near "happy" as I've heard on the phone in several years. I do know I hear relief. This is a good sign. I know the move will shake her up. It does to anyone, especially the elderly. But perhaps now that she has the relief of being out from under the burden of that huge house.........and knowing she will no longer be alone.......it will help her adjustment to go more smoothly. I'm not counting on it, but it might.

I was a bit surprised brothers volunteered to move her, especially with the crud she has been pulling on them of late. But perhaps that helped contribute......as in they are eager to be rid of the problem/drama. lol It's a huge enormous help that they are moving her over here. I'm not complaining.

I've been working so hard on this house getting it ready. These are things I'd have done anyway....the whole process just got sped up due to circumstances. The whole downstairs is painted bright cheerful colors. It seriously will take effort to get depressed in my home. Nichole's husband and Travis repaired the bathroom kitchen faucets yesterday. All that is left downstairs is to get the border up in the bathroom (easy child's job I can't get it straight to save my life) and the carpet. I'm rather POed at Lowe's who assured me the carpet could easily be laid before mom's arrival. Well, I called friday and they tell me the carpet would be in monday (today)..........I nearly blew a gasket because when she quoted me dates it took them FIVE days just to ORDER it. If they'd ordered it when I paid them (in full in cash!) it would already be on my darn floor! The installer should call me today to set up the install date. I'm going to be LIVID if they're booked for this week........so livid I might demand a refund and go somewhere else. Ridiculous for the amount of money I paid.

So I'm still sweating the carpet dammit.

Travis is tackling his room today. This will give me extra work because I'll be soaking/washing the dishes that have been buried in his room for heaven knows how long. omg Not to mention laundry. His room will likely be at least a 2 day job. I told him I'll help AFTER the dishes/trash is out. I'm going to be tidying up the downstairs and then diving into my own room. Mostly just reg cleaning except I've got to get anything out of there that needs to go into the yard sale. I'm doing this junk all at once so I don't have to go through and do it again.

Rufus still has me worried. He is so HUGE......I think even fairly huge for a lab because the vet even made comment about how long body wise he is as well as height. He's also still growing. He doesn't even have all his adult teeth yet and he turned a year in march. He tries hard with his manners but is still a big puppy and forgets. Also he has a tendency to just plain be in the way.......mostly due to his size. Once the downstairs is condensed down to two main rooms this is gong to become extremely noticeable. Even if he tries it is going to be somewhat difficult for him to find spots to stay out of the way. I am going to try to set up one of his crates in the living room for him because I also can't have child gates with mom here. So that will eliminate any other way to contain him.

He also is "iffy" with strangers. If that stranger is nervous he is immediately suspicious. Now mom knows not to show fear and she also knows Rufus will not deliberately hurt her. But to play it safe I've told the whole family I want them here on saturday. 1. Rufus will associate mom and my brothers arrival (sis from indy is coming too) as more Family coming to visit. I'm hoping this will help him accept mom from the get go. 2. If that doesn't work it gives me more people to help keep him under control with all the commotion. I"m not kidding when I say Rufus is HUGE. He can drag both me or Travis down the street easily if he wanted/needed to.

*sigh* I need to do whatever I can to make this work with Rufus. When I adopt a furbaby it is with the full intention that it will be until they take their last breath. I've had a few where it didn't work out that way and I did my best to rehome them into wonderful homes/families. I do not want to rehome Rufus. Plus it would be difficult. Due to his physical issues Rufus still needs to work on his social. And if he does have hip displaysia odds are extremely low someone else is going to want to take that on. I would never be able to afford the surgery but I could love him until it came time to let him go.

On the other hand..........I can't have Rufus knocking mom over or whatever either. *sigh* This issue has me feeling between a rock and hard place. However the hip displaysia deal may solve that issue for me. Whatever is wrong with him is progressive. We'll know at his next appointment.

Meanwhile, Mom fell down the small flight of steps leading to her family room last night and is banged up pretty bad. Refuses to go to the ER because she has stuff to do. Assures me she can move everything. She walloped her head pretty good but I talked with her long enough to make sure she was ok in that dept too. Bro was there when she fell, he'd have called if he thought she'd done serious damage. Falling seems to be an issue these days.

Prayer has helped with the panic attacks. Although it is amazing the memories that have surfaced over these past weeks. I've decided that I'm doing what is right and I've handed it over to God to help guide me through it.


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Lisa I think we are alike in some ways. We have to do what we can live with. If I can look myself in the mirror and know I did my best then I am okay.


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You continue to awe and amaze me... With all the issues you have had and you just give and give and give.


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WOW! I am tired just reading this. LOL I will rattle the beads and say a prayer that all goes smoothly for you.

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Janet, we are alike in many ways. As long as I know I did my best, then I am ok with that. I have exceptionally high standards regarding morals.....and I hold myself to those standards. It's not easy sometimes, sometimes it is really hard, but I have to live with myself.

I'm a bit worried about mom this morning. It is expected for her to be quite sore and stiff after that fall. Heck I'd be sore and stiff myself. But I'm thinking she might have done some damage. It wouldn't surprise me as she seems to have a knack for cracking/breaking things. She was talking of maybe going to the ER last night. I haven't called her yet this morning because I know she's been working hard and is exhausted. If she is sleeping she needs to rest.

Eldest bro's 2nd wife (ex....man marries so often I've lost count) went over monday and tuesday nights to help mom pack and sort because due to the fall mom is barely moving. This is Marcie, the one who drove her over here to visit after Fred's heart attack. The one eldest bro should have held on to because she is a wonderful woman. Hasn't been married to my brother in 26 yrs but comes helps my mom whenever she needs help. I did talk to Marcie and thank her for going out of her way to help mom when she has no obligation to do so.

Stupid carpet didn't come in until yesterday. omg I went to Lowe's in person and talked to the guy who sold it to me. He called the person who notifies the installer with me standing there and told her how to fax the paperwork. And I STILL didn't get called yesterday. (I'm going to rip out my hair I swear I am) I hope to god they call today. I've only got thurs and fri left of this week and I've got to figure out who is going to move this heavy furniture........at least to get it back into the rooms once they're done.

Boarder in the bathroom didn't get put up because the girls decided they couldn't reach........but I have a taller ladder in the shed........and well yeah. Now easy child wants to do it tomorrow. That is cutting things mighty close as I could easily (I hope) have carpet installers in here tomorrow. I wonder how she'd feel if we trapped her in the bathroom until it's done? lol

I'll be so glad when this part is over with as it is driving me nuts. Stress levels are far too high. Motivating people is frustrating as hell and there is only one me.


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You remind me of me sooo much! I have to have things done and just so so before I can relax. I can and will drive other people batty making that happen. LOL

I jokingly tell people I am anal retentive and have to be in control of everything. I seriously think I have a case of mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Everything has to be put away and everything has a place. This of course drives everyone in the house nuts but keeps me sane.

Do you have times when you go in other peoples houses and litterally have to restrain yourself from cleaning? Get this I hate cleaning but I can't stand the clutter. My house may not be scrubbed clean but everything will be put away.

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Mom finally went to the ER over that fall.

She cracked her pelvis and broke her tail bone. They made certain there was no internal bleeding.

They gave her pain medications and told her to use her walker and discharged her. (she refused to stay)

If the woman is going to break something every single darn time she falls............how on earth am I going to be able to work and take care of her??? And she is falling more and more all the time. :(

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easy child can help. She dropped down to support position at work. Nichole could also help at times.

I'll be ok on that score cubsgirl. I've done it before, I can do it again. What I'm worried about is if every single time she falls, she breaks something (and she does) I'm not sure me going to back to work will be a safe choice. She won't be alone because Travis is always here, even if up in his room, but well........he'll be up in his most of the time.

I guess I'm just going to have to observe her for a while before deciding which way to handle this. Obviously she has osteoporosis which I find odd because mom has always drank milk like a mad woman.

I also have to keep reminding myself that even though mother in law stayed in good shape until her early 90's........and in not so bad shape for a few years after that.........not to compare mom to her. People age differently. But it's hard to imagine mom more frail and fragile at 77 than my mother in law was at 96.

Unfortunately due to mother in law I no longer think of 77 as "old".