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    Well, it was too good to be true that difficult child hadn't been in trouble yet this year in school, but he managed to break the winning streak. Yesterday he had D-Hall from 4:00 to 6:00 PM for TALKING in class and being disrespectful to the teacher. Seems a little severe if you ask me, but he did his time. As I predicted, difficult child had a blast in the D-Hall. Now what kind of deterrent is that going to be? PLUS it was two days AFTER the offense. Arg.....the school systems will NEVER get it, I tell ya!
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    LOL! I wasn't sure was that was but I figured it out from the context. (Gee, am I smart.) Yes, there are worse things than talking, but that's pretty typical for an ADHD kid. Always going, always talking.
    Hey, it's almost Dec. so that's a nice, long run of good behavior!
  3. wakeupcall

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    Sorry.....lol. D-Hall is detention.
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    I would imagine that the detention was more for the disrespectful behavior than the talking. However, I know from personal experience that it is simply not possible to teach if a student refuses to stop talking.

    As far as the lapse in time, I don't know how it works at your school but at my school we are required to give the student (and parent) at least a 24 hour notice for an after school detention in order to allow the parents to make transportation arrangments.

    I hope your difficult child learned something from experience although from the sound of it, he just had a good time.

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    Kanga "enjoyed" her recent detention as well. I wish they'd make them more miserable. The only good thing was she claimed she 'didn't belong there' because all the other kids looked "gothic and mean and I'm nice Mom!" (Course I'm sure the girl whose purse she stole $20 from doesn't think so)

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    Detention punishes the parent more than the child, in my opinion. My daughter never had one, but some of her friends sometimes do (mostly for talking or not turning in work) and after detention they hang out at the school yard (we live across the street from the school). The kids talk or come over here until their parents get off work and can drive them home. If my kid ever gets a detention though she'll just have to cross the street and I don't work anyways. I think my kid would be VERY upset if she got a detention, however I think it would be far more effective for her if she had to stay in for lunch recess than after school.
    If my Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) son got a detention for talking (at home he sometimes talks out loud to help him concentrate) I would be ticked off, but so far that hasn't happened either. I do realize how hard it must be for teachers to have special needs kids mixed in with the ??? normal??? kids (is there such thing?) lol. But mainstreaming can be very good for the child.
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    Perhaps letting us know about it was why it was delayed. I never thought of that. I didn't like the fact that he was in a room with all eighth graders, though. He's in sixth and very immature as it is, so he looked like a baby coming out of that room with the adult-looking eighth graders.

    Will it deter him at all? I doubt it.
  8. Wiped Out

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    The middle school detentions here are done at lunch from what I understand. I agree with Kathy it was probably more for the disrespect than the talking.