Daughter has been out of school for two weeks...big meeting tomorrow..

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lonelyroad, Oct 3, 2012.

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    She wakes up in the morning and says she can''t go, can never go back there..and short of pysically assaulting her, I let her stay home.

    Psycologist and Physciatrist all say going back into routine will help, but that at this point she may not be able to...
    we have been referred to a Mood disorder Clinc and who knows when....

    Tomorrow we meet at the school, she has been told not to wear her uniform, so as to not make her feel that she will be forced to stay...
    They want to see if there is any way of getting her back in class...or resource so not to lose this semester...

    If we can't get her to commit to a plan, we will need to set up the school tutor program, which is 5 hours a week..

    All I want is my daughter back...

    She says she can't go back in any way shape or form...
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    I really feel for her. IMVHO, I wonder if the Abilify is helping at all. It sounds like a different medication or a higher dose might be in order. It sounds like her anxiety has her paralyzed. I really wouldn't push it if there is a way around it until she can handle it again. The psychiatrist didn't say anything about medications? That would be irresponsible to keep them as they are when they clearly aren't working.

    {{{{HUGS}}}} to you BOTH.
  3. InsaneCdn

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    Are there any classes where she can switch to "on-line"? The school boards here have some (not all) classes with that option. Officially, it's so kids can make up a missing credit or add an extra, but it sure helps kids like this, too. Full work-load without the class-room "issues".

    Beyond that... step back and look at ways to take baby-steps.
    Can she walk into the school every day and hand in an "official" absence note and walk back out? (just to get used to "going there")
    And then, after a few days of that, add in a 5-minute meeting with the GC, or with one particular teacher (to "hand in" some assignment).

    Being around the other kids is going to be REALLY hard now... at least until she can get her feet under her a bit. But anything that keeps her from sliding further downhill is worth trying.
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    Oh Lonely, I am so sorry to hear this. It really does sound like she needs a medication adjustment. Is there another school in a neighboring district she could attend? Sort of a new beginning? If not, online may be the way to go for awhile. difficult child is taking one class online, but it is during school. Praying that your mtg. goes very well.
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    So sorry ....I too hope the meeting goes well and hope she gets the appointment sooner than later.