Daughter's Baby Weekend


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Daughter has her child development baby this weekend. So far, so good.

Nothing like poor Janna’s experience, so far!

Though, her baby does have an emergency shut down button if things get too out of hand.

Daughter has been very attentive. There’s been the usual fussiness. However, Daughter now recognizes the various cries and knows what it needs (diaper change, feeding, burping, and tired). Overall, I’m pretty impressed with how she is handling it. Though, she did get frustrated (“when’s this STUPID baby going to go to sleep”)this afternoon when she had to rock, walk, and gently bounce it for 40 minutes before it went to sleep.

She took it with her when we went to Walmart. We had lots of other drivers giving us dirty looks because she was holding the baby on her lap, or over her shoulder while in the car. It looks real from a distance. She also had people make “oh, how sweet” comments while in the store.

Baby wakes up at 5:20am after falling asleep at 11pm. Daughter drags herself out of bed to attend it. Finally, gets it back to sleep after feeding and changing it. She craws back to bed, falls asleep for one hour. Then crying again. Daughter decides sleep isn’t going to happen and decides to get up for the day.

The best part, however, was she made herself lunch and just as she’s about to sit down, the baby cries. So much for a nice quiet lunch. :rofl: Daughter gets a lesson in trying to eat with one hand while trying to balance baby in the other one.

She has until 10pm tomorrow night.


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How cute. Glad she's done well with it, many don't. I do hope it teaches all it's supposed to, although that's a doubt sometimes.


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11pm until 5:20am? I would have committed a crime to be able to sleep that long when Duckie was under a year, lol! I'm glad she's taking good care of the doll. She'd probably make an excellent babysitter.


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Ahhh, I remember the good ol days of attempting to eat lunch while bouncing a fidgeting little one on one knee - trying to eat as far to the other side as possible so little hands couldn't reach my plate/glass/fork, etc.

I also remember being able to change a stinky diaper on my lap in a out of the way corner of a mall, etc., as there were not as many "baby changing stations" around when the munchkins were babies.

It really sounds like these 'babies' are about as realistic as they can get. And sounds like your daughter is having a good experience.


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Sounds like she is doing well Dazed. 11 to 5:30 is good for a young baby. I sure do love Keyanas sleep schedule now. That kid will sleep from 9 at nite to about 8 the next day.


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My oldest son got the same "baby" when he was in school. he was totally not prepared for what he was in for. Very difficult time for him with school, football season and all. But he did very well. After it was over and the "baby' was taken back to school i ask him what he thought about it. He said he had no idea what he would do with a "real baby" i told him beyond the crying and all there was much more involved in caring for a "baby"
He's (easy child 1) is now 19 and desided not to go to college but work full time and we are fine with that because we are so proud of how he turned out despite our troubles with our difficult child.


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I absolutely LOVE this program in the schools.. Both boys and girls in our neighborhood have gone through it at various times. Taught more than one more respect for parenthood AND their younger siblings (if there were any in the house).
So glad your daughter is showing the responsibility to tke care of the "baby" herself. I do know others that tried getting their parents to do it for them, even willing to pay them for it... LOL.


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Daughter has been very fortunate to be able to get the nightime sleep. The baby slept for about 6 or 7 hours straight. I think because she's been so attentive (responding to all cries within thirty seconds)during the day the "program" is allowing her that.

Son, who loves babies, has fed "her" a few times. The baby makes a cute little giggle sound when satified. Daughter says it's music to her ears when the baby does that! :rofl:

I have not lifted one finger to help. Of course, it's just a taste of what a real human baby is like. What I see is she is experiencing what it is like to not have life revolve around her. Everything is about the baby. Baby is sleeping? Hurry! Jump in the shower! Baby is content? Hurry, do something she wants to do! Always on alert listening for the baby crying. Having to think ahead about activities because of the baby's schedule.

She had a friend call her last night. She had to cut it short because the baby started crying.

Overall, it's been a positive experience.

Well, for me, anyway. :wink:


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Though, her baby does have an emergency shut down button if things get too out of hand.

Gee, wouldn't that have been nice to have when difficult child had her colicky nights. :rofl:

I'm glad that the experience has been a positive one for your daughter. It sounds like she learned a lot about how lifechanging a baby can be.



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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> sarah did this too when she was in 8th grade. she'd already had a lot of experience with- babies as she was a great help when we fostered.

it was a very positive experience for her as well. i only *babysat* for a few hours on saturday morning as she had dance rehearsal back in those days. everybody gets a babysitter every once in awhile lol.

a few of the boys in her class *killed* the poor thing rofl.

i'm so glad to hear it's a positive experience for her.

</span> </span> </span>


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OMG, that's too funny about the looks from other drivers!
SO glad there's an emergency shut-off button. Don't you wish everyone had one? :surprise:

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I am not doing this with kt.....nope refuse to do this.

I'm going to have it written into her IEP. kt's already spent years practicing this with her dolls - still does.