Day +1 & New Central Line

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    Grammy A and Baby J are all fully recovered from the excitement yesterday! A & I played and laughed with a cheerful, amazing Baby J all afternoon today. I have never doubted the power of prayer, but I am seeing something with this child that is truly a miracle. So far, he has spent only one day of ill effects from a 10-day course of chemo. He continues to bounce back and entertain us with his giggles and busy-ness.

    I don't have words to express my gratitude. :bigsmile::bravo::bigsmile:
    He has a lot of different nurses, and I'm always there during a shift-change. When the new nurse comes on, they will enter the room and introduce themselves (today's was Cheri), and proceed to take Baby J's vitals. Today, as Cheri was preparing to listen to his heart & lungs, Julius grasped the business end of the stethoscope, and placed it on his own chest! If you could have seen the look on his face, "See? I got this. I know the score." THEN, he placed it on Cheri's chest!! I'm telling you guys, you've got the best Board Nephew any Board Aunties could ever want!!

    Cheri came in to change the dressing on his new central line today, and that was kind of a sad-fest. But she was so gentle, he was done fussing before she was done, and sat so good in Mom's lap. We got to see the wound from his torn line from yesterday, and it's healing up very pretty! No oozing, no ugliness, a nice clean firm scab already formed. For him, that's awesome!! He's had bad skin issues and blood-clotting issues since he was born, and to see this wound healing so swiftly, brought tears to my eyes.

    Tomorrow, Grammy A leaves to return to Wisconsin. I will miss spending time with her! She's such a great lady. If we weren't already bonded, we certainly are now. :warrior:

    difficult child leaves tomorrow too, to go play the stupid gig with his stupid band
    So, I will go to UMH and relieve daughter in law from 4 til 7, give her a long dinner break. Secretly? I'm kind of excited I get the kid all to myself!

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    Happy Memorial Weekend to All!
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    Thank you for the update! I'm so glad to hear that things are proceeding well!
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    What a great update and I LOVE the pictures! What a face!!!!!
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    So glad he's continuing to improve!
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    So Happy to hear all this.
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    Good news!!! Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers!