Day +19 and daughter in law

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  1. PonyGirl

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    daughter in law had the procedure yesterday to take the baby. The clinic gave her a ribbon and tiny ring to remember the baby by. They also offer a burial of all the lost babies, which will take place in a few months. Nice symbolic gestures, and a feeling of closure, which we all found comforting.

    daughter in law ate a good supper and slept for a few hours, then woke up and we spent a few hours together in the evening. She's got a dern good head on her shoulders, and we had good talks. She slept well all night.

    Woke up this morning with some pain, but Tylenol is keeping it down well. She says its not too bad as long as she doesn't move around too much.

    Baby J is trying to kick his morphine habit, and it's kicking his butt instead! Poor lil dude gets the shivers and is just so uncomfortable in his own skin!! Tough times this morning, and so the docs gave him a bump of morphine, and he gained some ground. Able to take medications orally and keep them down. Able to play a bit with Grandma B, and then snuggle-buggle together for a cat nap.

    Had a fever and some loud rawls in his chest today, and has had a Chemo Tan as well. Wiskott Aldrich doctor is loving all his other numbers, tho, and so we are not overly concerned as they address the other issues. Fever is down by this afternoon. Chest xray taken, nebulizer treatment given, and we proceed with the Cure!

    Tomorrow & Thursday difficult child & daughter in law will attend classes to get trained on how to care for his central line upon discharge from UMH. Which should be in about 2 weeks!!! YeahYeahYeah!!

    That's what I know for sure so far today.

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    I'm so sorry...
  3. mstang67chic

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    Everything sounds wonderful with J!!! I'm so excited for him and you all.

    As for daughter in law....poor thing. Give her hugs from us and a couple to you too. I'm sorry.
  4. tawnya

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    Thank God your daughter in law has you and Grandma B, not to mention the baby that is fighting sooo hard. I would like to shake your difficult child until his teeth rattle.

    Hopes and prayers that everything gets better from here. Tomorrow is always another day, PonyGirl.

    Keep the faith.

  5. susiestar

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    I hope Baby J continues to improve and that the morphine withdrawal is managed carefully by the docs. I am so sorry about the baby. It is such a hard thing to go through. Many hugs to all of you, and a good hard shake to difficult child.
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    Thanks all! I had a mini-breakdown when I left the hospital yesterday. I am proud to say I never lose it in the room, but that long walk down the hallway taking me away from my grandboy just gets to me sometimes, you know? I got to the Jeep where husband was waiting for me, and he drove a few blocks and then pulled over so he could hold my hand while I cried. All I could think was, "That poor boy!" He is such a brave trooper, most of the time he doesn't show any pain, but yesterday was a glimpse of how ockie he really feels, and my heart shattered.

    The weight of the last few days is showing on difficult child. Rest assured, he has been there to see his poor son struggling. daughter in law has stayed at RMH, so difficult child has been the sole care-giver.

    It appears his stupid band has lost their stupid drummer (difficult child plays lead guitar) so there is hope there will be no more stupid gigs. These guys play the worst evil-hater-screaming-ugly-death-metal 'music' I will be glad to see the last of them.

  7. mstang67chic

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    Wanna hear something "funny"? If that's the kind of music difficult child is into....I'd bet anything he has heard of MY difficult child's bio father! Apparently he's kind of famous in those circles. :slap:
  8. PonyGirl

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    Oh boy....

    Kinda small world huh Stang? Yikes! Go ahead and message me who he is, I'll check & get back to ya....