Day 4 of Work-Up and Registry Info

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by PonyGirl, May 13, 2010.

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    husband visited kids at RMH yesterday, reports Baby J in great spirits, running up & down the hallways with Mom close on his tail :D He loved all the attention on Monday, by Wednesday he was about done with doctors.

    Given a platelet transfusion yesterday, kids were impressed with how easy it went! Generally, that has been an awful battle and a team is needed to hold arms & legs down while putting in the IV. Yesterday, Baby J sat on difficult children lap, and the IV was in before either of them realized it was coming! daughter in law said, "I'm coming back HERE if he ever needs another IV!"

    They are set up quite well at RMH, I suspect it's nicer diggs than their apartment :tongue: Certainly newer and in better shape. husband will visit again today & take them to pick up some groceries.

    Today Baby J was put under general anesthesia and a sample was taken from his hip bone for biopsy. His central line was also put in, and will remain for four months.

    If anyone is interested in how to help, go to Be The Match dot com. There you can sign up to be put on the National Bone Marrow Registry. Our donor was found there, none of us family were a match, but several good matches were found within a few days for us. So, I promptly signed up!

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    Update, husband called during his visit, Baby J is up & running around, eating cheerios! No ill effects from his surgery. Can't wait to see the little bugger next week!!
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    Glad to hear J is doing well! It's always amazing how quickly kids bounce back from things that would have us laid up for weeks! LOL My friend's son has had a few open heart surgeries over the years. His second was the first one I was around for (met them after his first) and she called me THREE days after. I think he was about 4 at the time and she put him on the phone.....if I wouldn't have known, I would never have guessed he had had open heart surgery 3 days prior. He was going on about playing with the toys and crawling around on the floor with toy cars, etc. Completely floored me.

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    Thank you Mustang!!
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    I am glad to hear that J is doing well, that a match was found, and the rest of the family is holding up well. I have been warned not to donate blood or other things, but will have husband sign up. I have problems that could be passed on. I will also pass the word to family and friends to sign up!
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    So happy that the news is good so far! Keep the faith!
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    Glad Baby J is being such a fighter. Today is the 17th. Hoping to hear good news.