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I just read and responded to the post that was made about the Pacifier, and mentioned that my children see a Pediatric Dentist...I had to call and make an appointment, but they can't see my daughter until the 22nd...

Is 5 too young to get their first loose tooth? My 5yo came home from school the other day and one of her front top teeth is kinda loose, and she said it has been bothering her, she won't stop digging at it, and she actually has dug at it so much that her gumline is cut open and bleeding!!! This is scary for me, and I wonder if it is something I should be worried enough about to call and request an emergency appointment, or if it will be okay to wait a few more weeks and supply her with some Oragel in the meantime??

Also, I am going to be speaking to the pediatrician dentist about a night-guard for her, as she grinds her teeth while she sleeps, but until then, does anyone have any suggestions on things we can try at home to help with that?


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Relax, she's right on schedule, Mom. I was missing two front teeth for my kindergarten picture--it's just fine.

If it's bugging her, encourage wiggling instead of digging at the gumline. A little blood is normal when it's loosening up but there can be quite a bit when it's finally severed.

If she's in pain--and sometimes it can hurt--I've had better luck with a low dose of Tylenol taking the edge off as opposed to Oragel which goes to the extreme of making it feel numb and strange feeling to them.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Hard to watch and admit they are growing up. difficult child 1 has lost 8 teeth now!!! She has yet to turn 6!!! She also grinds her teeth!!!
She has a wonderful pediatric dentist and a night guard is pretty rare for a youngster to wear. They would have to have worn their teeth completely down smooth, which is almost impossible, to even worry.
I have asked and read about this due to my severe bruxism, and everyone said don't worry about it until they are older.

My difficult child lost her first tooth when she was 4 on Thanksgiving weekend... it was so sad. I felt like my baby was so grownup.
I also lost mine young... these things happen... she is getting older!

difficult child played with hers alot, I tried to get her to stop putting her fingers in her mouth... it didn't hurt her though.


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I agree she's on schedule. Better than half the kids in Duckie's class have toothless grins. Kids will push, pull etc to get that tooth out. There's another tooth pushing, so there is pressure. Encourage her to push or rub with her tongue and make hand washing a priority. You may even want to ask the pharmacist about a dental rinse if you are worried about infection from the digging. Duckie hasn't lost any teeth yet, but on of her friends is missing several. She also digs. Her Mom told her not to dig with her nails because the tooth fairy may not come, so she uses her tongue now. Mom also provides lots of popsicles to numb the area.