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    So the kid who told the police I'd hit him, and the hospital, has also now hotlined me. Nice.

    The police took a report, the hospital found nothing - both on Saturday - and GFG17 hotlined me on Sunday for...the same incident, but he said it happened on Sunday. A day on which, by the way, I didn't even see him.

    And it turns out he's NOT staying with N or E. E doesn't live there anymore, and he's been banned from N's apartment for hiding alcohol in N's room. N's parents are not happy.

    N told the DFS investigator, the one who showed up at my door with an officer this morning, that difficult child is "living with his Grandma" in the next 'burb over.

    Big problem.

    Grandma doesn't live there, she lives 2 states away. He came up with this idea a few weeks ago, and mentioned it to Grandma, and she said NO WAY. There's an old garage there, with electricty, maybe an old couch, that's about it. It's a hunting "lodge" for some of my dad's old friends. Sheesh.

    But this is his pattern, he says he's "thinking" of doing something but really means that he's already done it.

    Grandma is considering calling the police and reporting him as a trespasser.

    At least, this time, we have an investigator who appears to be (gasp) not only intelligent and educated, but a real go-getter. So far, I'm very pleased, but still not particularly trusting. Everyone involved, at this point, is trying their darndest to get difficult child emancipated.

    Oh, and he's driving other people's cars, no insurance....grrrr.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :slap: Amazing.

    Sounds like everyone is figuring him out pretty quickly. I'm sorry he's just so far gone with all this.
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    We - the investigator and I - did go see difficult child this morning. He is staying at Gma's farm, uninvited, unexpected, NOT allowed to be there. He insists that Gma said it was okay. He kept insisting that I hit him with the laptop. He told the investigator that I was lying, that I lied all the time, that I was a pathological liar. Pot, meet kettle. Sigh.

    Nothing was resolved, of course, and the investigator (along with a host of other people) is trying to figure otu what to do with him. In the meantime, I guess they just let him run loose. I don't know. The investigator texted me at 3:45 to see if I was home, said he'd finally talked to his supervisor - those, in my experience, are usually the ones who mess everything up - and was going to drop by here. As requested, I let him know when I got home. Almost 7, he's still not here. Sigh.

    I asked though, and he said he's NOT recommending that difficult child return home. I will NOT, however, sign anything that says it's for difficult child's "safety" - it's not, it's for ours. Period. Said he also had some info for a youth emergency shelter. I know about it. Some not-so-good kids there, drugs, etc., kinda rough; of course, the question is always "how" to get him there.