Did anyone see the episode of ....

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That 70's Show where Kitty goes off the deep end because of menopause?

I saw it last night with husband & it was hysterical. For some reason, husband didn't see the same humor. Could it be that I'm making him a bit crazy with my hormonal challenges????? :rofl:

"Why doesn't that dam$ clicker work? It's supposed to click!" :rofl:


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I saw that episode, Linda. If I remember right, it may have been a 2-parter, because Kitty thought at first that she was pregnant? And then the doctor gave her the opposite news....

You're right, it was funny at times! I remember, too, tho, a poignant sadness also.

Secretly, I'm counting the years here to where I don't have to deal with the "full moon" calendar anymore! Being a girl is hard work!! :smile:



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For my mother, it was the opposite. She'd been feeling a bit bloated, tired and lacking energy. Everything seemed to be shutting down, middle-aged spread was happening, she was in her mid-40s and after six months with no period she took herself to the doctor to confirm the menopause. The doctor said, "You're six months pregnant." It was me.

She was so embarrassed, already having 7 kids, that she didn't even tell her parents in law. Nobody knew, outside immediate family.



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A bit bloated and middle-aged "spread"? I'll say! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for the giggle, Marg. I'm glad your Mom had you.

Linda, I missed that show but I'll always love the Edith/Archie Bunker episode about menopause. It was groundbreaking as you can imagine. Archie gave her 2 minutes to "get over it!" :rofl:


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Suz, we're giving away our age by admitting knowing about that episode about Edith's menopause. It was hilarious though.

Pony, you're probably right. I missed most of That 70s Show because of tweedle activity. I'm catching up on that & reruns of all those West Wing episodes I missed. As you can tell, I'm a tad out of touch with what's going on currently on television - as always, playing catch up. :smile: :rofl:


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Suz, we're giving away our age by admitting knowing about that episode about Edith's menopause.

[/ QUOTE ]

I know. :blush:

Still.......I was in college when I saw it and you were probably in elementary school, Linda. :tears:



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Being a girl is hard work!!

[/ QUOTE ]

I think you have put it too mildly, Pony. Being a girl SUCKS! The average woman is going to go through 420 menstrual cycles before she even begins menopause. Then it is a ten year process of adolescence in reverse but 100 times worse, plus you get fat and hairy and your skin sags. Just so you can have one or two babies. Even if you're foolish enough to have 5 - 10 babies it's way too much!

And to top it all off, the half of the world's population with all of the power and money calls you a b - - - - without a thought and everyone thinks it's funny and two or three times an hour they make a joke about it on national television. Our problems aren't real and we complain too much and if we are in pain or have a problem we must be "OTR" or "PMS" therefore we can't advance in the world. But heaven forbid they should say anything about anyone's race or religion or sexual orientation because that wouldn't be easy child, and they'd have to go into rehab.

Sorry for the vent, guys. I'm sure that the episode was very funny and that I would have appreciated it. When the world acknowledges that snatching girls and women off the street and harming or killing them because they are women it's a "hate crime" maybe I'll feel differently. Until then being a girl totally sucks.

Seriously, I'm PMSing. Can you tell? :crazy: