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  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    someone broke into my house last summer and put out my garbage while I was on vacation? Not once, but three times????

    How cool is that!?!!?

    Long story short, I cancelled my garbage service cause they all but stopped picking up my trash (my can sat on the road for SIX WEEKS one time). The company then turned around and billed me again, and I refused to pay it.

    I got a response today from my dispute. They included a service log, of every time they picked up my garbage for a year or so.

    For starters? I am bad about putting the trash out. It was out maybe every other week, but not every week. But they picked it up EVERY Monday except 2/2/2009! Even the weeks I was gone on vacation!!!

    They are so nice to come into my house and get it for me, no???:tongue:

    For some reason this just cracks me up.
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  2. donna723

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    Wow! I wish I got service like that! They must charge extra for that. Do you think they'd clean out the refrigerator when they come in the house to pick up the garbage? Mine really needs it!

    The city people pick up mine twice a week but I usually don't have that much and only put it out maybe once a week. They always manage to leave something in the bottom of the can, then they throw the can in the general direction of the house and hide the lid in a ditch down the block.
  3. GoingNorth

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    My garbage svc is actually pretty good, but picky about what they will pick up. Recycling is picked up at the same time and they are picky as well.

    I get frozen raw dog food which is shipped with dry ice in a foam lined box. My spare bedroom is filling up with foam so I'll get together a car-load before I have to haul it to the dump myself and pay to drop it off.
  4. susiestar

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    Our trash service was also very selective. We haul our own off because they also would skip us for weeks. We paid a YEAR in advance and they would say we owed money though the statement printed on the SAME piece of paper showed a credit balance. I was having to call every week, or take the statement and stand out by the trash waiting for them to come. Since they came between 4-5 am this was a hassle.

    They also had a couple of route guys (incl the 2 on my route) who were arrested for breaking into homes they thought were empty. If garbage wasn't full or wasn't put out they thought you were on vacation. It scared me.

    What a PITA it is to haul trash though.