difficult child 1 saw new GI today

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    We are back at the hospital that first diagnosis'd his Crohn's in 2006, mainly because we weren't getting any real help for his IBS from his current specialist, and secondly because our insurance is changing and his current GI is not contracted with the new insurance.

    I like this new doctor. She listens. She doesn't come in the room with the attitude that she already knows what the problem is and has it all figured out. His current GI has been telling us for two years that difficult child 1's bowel problems are IBS because his labs have always been good and he's growing and gaining weight, concluding that the Crohn's is in complete remission. And despite difficult child 1 feeling like garbage most of October and November, she hasn't really offered much help for his IBS symptoms of pain, cramping and diarrhea.

    Well this new doctor is not fully convinced it's that simple and has ordered some new tests and an upper GI series since he hasn't had any radiological studies done in about four years, and the scope he had 2 years ago could only go so far through his system.

    I just want my kid to be able to go back to school and get through his classes like everybody else, and not spend half his day running to the bathroom, never knowing if it will be a productive visit or not, and not be in pain half the time or feeling like garbage.

    It's been nice having him home the past two weeks -- he is in a MUCH better mood and feeling better overall.

    So here we go, hopefully down a new path to some answers and some real solutions!
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    I really hope this helps. Glad to know the new doctor didn't walk in with all the answers. I hate visiting ANYONE in ANY profession like that.
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    I hope she is able to come up with an answer that is easily solved and he gets back to school soon.
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    Hope you get some answers and difficult child 1 feels better!