difficult child 2's birthday party tomorrow

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    And not a single one of his friends RSVP'd. He only invited four. I told him he could invite more but unfortunately he doesn't make friends too easily. None of the four responded. I am bummed for him. There will be adult relatives there plus my daughter and her friend. Her friend has Tourette's and cusses up a storm. Poor thing, can't help it. My mom thought it would be better if we didn't invite him because of this. I disagreed with her. Yes my relatives will be there, but it's not like it will be the first time they hear the f word and I'm sure it won't be the last. So I agreed to have him come so difficult child 1 could have somebody close to her own age to play with.

    We are having the party at Chuck E Cheese. No matter how many kids are showing up, I have to pay for a minimum of four. So I pay for an extra kid that won't be there. Hopefully difficult child 2 will still have fun running around playing games with his older sister and her friend. I can't wait to give him his gift tomorrow. He is going to be so surprised. He's been bugging me for a cell phone for the last year. Serioulsy hounding me for one almost every day for months. I told him there's no way I could afford a phone for him. He wants a smart phone with internet access and I told him it would cost me at least a couple hundred dollars. I ended up getting a deal on one for 99 cents. All it cost me was $25 to activate it. I can't wait till he opens it up tomorrow. Hopefully his super cool gift will make up for the fact that he doesn't have any friends at his party.
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    My difficult child had the same issues with Birthday parties. I hated it for her, but it also made her look at herself and wonder why she didn't have that many friends, sad and its hard to watch, but she's doing better and trying harder. This didn't start happening until about age 13. Your difficult child is still a little young. He is going to be over the top about the phone. Sounds like a great day, stay positive about the party and he will too. Let me know how it turns out.
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    difficult child 2 is autistic and has really poor social skills. He is taking a group therapy social skills class this year so hopefully that will help. Anyway, I'm sure he'll have fun. He gets to play games, win prizes, and eat pizza. What kid wouldn't like that?
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    If he likes this phone but something happens to it and you have to replace it or something or simply want to look into another plan, check out Kajeet for kids. They can do the internet, play games (apps), music, videos, and have differing amounts of minutes up to unlimited for differing amounts of money but parents have parental control. And you can lock them out at certain times. Thats gonna be the next phone I get keyana now that she is learning to actually read and spell so she can text.
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    Hi CB- How did the party go. I hope it went okay. Did he like his phones?
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    Well two of his friends ended up showing up without RSVPing (rude parents!) But I'm glad he at least had a couple of friends there. They all had a blast. He loved his phone. I am so happy he has it so now he can stop borrowing mine to play games on it, etc. For awhile there he was using it more than me, lol. Anyway, the party was a big success. I'm so relieved!
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    I'm glad some friends showed up, despite the lack of rsvp'ing. I also find that rude. But glad your boy-o had fun and enjoyed his new phone!!! Sounds like it went well. Good job mom!!!