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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Last month difficult child received a letter from the school inviting him to join the junior honor society. The requirements, other than his continued good grades, was that he had to be participating in 2 extra curricular activities and complete at least 10 hours of community service.

    difficult child declined. He doesn't like any of the activities and clubs that are available (because of budget cuts they cut alot of clubs out and the ones that were cut were, of course, the ones that he liked to participate in) and he refused to do any kind of community service. He thinks that it's "stupid".

    We were talking to the therapist about this and he has been trying very hard to convince difficult child that he needs to start expanding his horizons a bit. While it may not matter right now, once he hits high school (next year) it will matter because colleges will want to see that he is involved in things other than his video games and that he will be an asset to their community. therapist told difficult child that community service can be somthing like peer tutoring in the library, which would be a great thing for him. He's really smart and can be an asset to someone who is struggling.

    difficult child was talking to my mother in law the other night when she took him out to dinner and she was teling me that he actually went to his guidance counselor to inquire about becoming a peer tutor in math and science.


    Can I scream now? He FINALLY agreed to do something for someone else and they have discontinued the program! Why the heck did they do that? It's not like it costs the district anything.

    Guess we'll try to have to find something else for difficult child to volunteer for.
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    Oh what a bummer! I hope that doesn't discourage him from other things that are available. Have you looked into other sorts of classes outside of the school?
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    Actually, I can believe it, isn't that sad? Maybe says something ugly about where my mind is right now but uggg, so sorry. Can he put up a card at a grocery store or church or whatever to say "free tutoring" available which would be a great thing to add to a resume, self-initiative in giving charitably. Does it have to be a program?

    Maybe some of the day cares around would welcome someone coming in for an hour to help with the kids who have homework? or a ymca after school program???
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    Do you have a Boys and Girls club around that would appreciate him coming in to help with homework? Or in exchange for some playing time there?

    How about him helping in adult literacy?
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    Arrrrggghhhh! I'm screaming with you!!! I am so sorry.
    Keep looking ...
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    Depends on how the school defines "extra-curritular"... Here? that means "run by the school". Period. No exceptions. In which case... it is 100x AARRGGHH!