difficult child and her medications



difficult child has been noncompliant with her medications for some time now. We've had the discussion about shutting her world down until she takes her medications, but knowing my difficult child I just really believe that would be counterproductive when she's already struggling. If her depression weren't "flaring up", I would probably feel differently.

So, I took her to her pediatrician on Thursday. I called ahead and let them know that I needed some backup support. I told them how difficult child is sleeping, her various aches and pain and her gut issues. I explained that she was not medication compliant and I needed some support.

Her pediatrician was wonderful. She explained to difficult child that just because you're depressed doesn't always mean you feel sad. She explained that she believes difficult child has a serotonin deficiency and the effects that has on the body, i.e., the increased sleeping, the aches and pains, and the effect on the gut. She explained that it takes about 4 weeks for the full effect of the SSRI to kick in, but that in the long run she really feels it will help difficult child.

Initially, difficult child shut down and wouldn't say anything. But the doctor didn't rush her, just continued to explain and eventually seemed to get through to her. It really helped to have it coming from someone other than mom.

difficult child has taken her medications 2 days in a row!!! :bravo: :smile:

Did I mention I love this doctor?!!? :flower:

by the way, psychiatrist is the one that rx'd the SSRI, but she's too hard to get into which is why we saw the pediatrician.


Heather, way to go! You were really proactive in helping your difficult child. We have a pediatrician like yours. One day easy child was refusing to go to school so I told her she had the choice of going to school or going to the pediatrician (because if we're not able to go to school, we're sick and need to go to the doctor). She chose the pediatrician. He was wonderful in explaing why it's important to go to school. Like your difficult child, she seemed to respond better when it came from a "professional" rather than good ole mom.

Hope the progress continues. Keep up the good work.

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Heather - I love that your pediatrician doctor spent time explaining to difficult child the need for her medications.

I'm glad that this is working for difficult child. I'd rather go this route if it works than the route we end up going when kt is being defiant about medications.

Good job, :warrior: