difficult child blew off his blood and urine tests

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    We had quite the week last week.
    First, difficult child "forgot" about his psychiatrist appointment, but at least remembered to take the car in for an estimate.
    Then, I asked him to meet me at the lab for blood tests, which he did, but they were closed.
    So I gave him the scrip, made an appointment online, and told him to go at 3 p.m. the next day.
    He came home around dinnertime and said, "I didn't get the DRUG tests you wanted. I walked out."

    He said he was actually seated in the chair, with-the rubber tubing around his arm, and asked the nurse, "What are the tests for?"
    The nurse said, "Drugs."
    He said, "Can I reschedule?"
    She said, "Of course."
    And he got up and walked out.

    "I am NOT going to take a surprise drug test without warning. I am NOT doing drugs! You tricked me!"
    husband and I both said, "That makes you look TOTALLY guilty of drug use."
    He did not understand the logic (or lack thereof).

    We told him that yes, one of the tests was to see if he was using illegal drugs. The other test was to check the level of legally prescribed drugs in his system, which helps the dr determine whether to up the dose or to decrease it. If difficult child is using illegal drugs, on top of Concerta or any stimulant, he can have a heart attack o r psychotic breakthrough or anything. Ditto lithium, which uses salt, etc. In addition, you were getting a CBC which is lots of blood levels, including iron, cholesterol, etc."

    "Oh. I didn't know that. I'm sorry."

    "And if you had gone to the dr appointment to begin with, you would have known that!"

    "I'm sorry. My bad. You can test me now if you want."

    "Then I have to pay for it. It's well over $30 and sometimes $50 at the drugstore, depending upon the test. Had you gone to the lab with-the scrip, it would have been covered by insurance."

    "Oh. I didn't know that."

    "You had a knee-jerk response. Do you know what that is?"

    "Yes. But I just assumed ..."

    husband reached over and grabbed difficult child's phone. "This is a phone. CALL us. Ask questions!!!! And show up for your appointments!!!"

    "This was a test," I added. "I wanted to see if you could follow through and if you could be trusted, since you're 18 and want to behave as an adult. That means responsibility. You flunked the test."

    "Yeah, I did. I'm sorry."

    So now MOM has to pick up a NEW scrip and TAKE difficult child to the lab like we used to do when he was little. Why I even for one instant thought he would or could follow through is beyond me. I'm living in la-la land.
    I don't know if I'm madder at myself or at him.
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    Terry. I am sorry to hear he blew it off. I don't think he ran out because of being tricked he is most likely using drugs and not wanting to be caught. I still say take the car away. Treat him like he is the age he is acting and see how he likes that.
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    Yeah he is totally blowing smoke up your arse!:sochildish:
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    Sorry to hear of the extra complications that arose because of his assumptions, misunderstandings and just not following through. Sometimes "adulthood" and responsibility are tough lessons for them....but necessary. Sending best wishes your way for simplicity and ease this week!
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    JMO here, but... given the nature of this particular individual... I'd say it's 50/50 whether he skipped the test because he would test positive, or was just upset that you would pull this test on him. You know him better than we do, although... maybe nobody really knows him, Know what I mean??
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    Yeah, it is very difficult to figure out. He's aspie, and he can be an &ss. :)

    Today he texted me and said he threw up, and went into great detail describing it, so I knew it was "real" vomit and not acid reflux, and did I want a photo?
    And he wanted to come home early.
    Hmm ... do I have to torture myself with-a photo to make a decision? Funny. But not. Ick.
    I told him to go to the nurse's office and get his temp.
    Yesterday he was so congested, his eyes were nearly swollen shut.
    I woke up with-major league swollen lymph nodes behind my ear and down my neck. I was thinking it was because I built a nice fire the other night but the flu wasn't completely open ... husband opened all the windows and doors. Not sure if we have a bug or if it's allergies.

    Anyway, I guess he won't be getting to a blood test today. :(