difficult child called he went to planned parenthood...

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    With his new girlfriend that he suposedly slept with for the first time three days ago. She says she might be pregnant. Needless to say I didn't congratulate him. I told him that the baby if it did exhist was probably somone elses child. Her urine test was not conclusive but I was wondering why she would be on the "I MIght be pregnant" kick if she had only just done the deed so to speak. I told him it was more likely that the baby if it is real was the product of her being with someone else who was smart enough to run. I said it was very likely that she was looking for a patsy to pin it on. I told him to discontinue contact with her until the baby is born and then ask for a paternity suit. OHBOY It sounds like difficult child found himself another doozy. He says she has mental health issues,Uhmmmmmmmmmmm you think? Anyway I told him that he had no business even thinking about bringing a baby into this world. I told him if he got a by to conciider himself lucky and to use a cover from now on. Better that he not do the deed at all but obviously that won't happen. I told him it sounded like she was a piece of work looking to take advantage from sone shmoe that didn't have a clue and that he walked willingly into it. He was crying. I had a twinge of guilt but said " did you actually espect me to congratulate you?" I told him I couldn't be happy about this and would have no part of the chaous.

    I told him that any male couls make a baby but that a real man would wiat until the time was right and he could provide for his wife and child.

    I then told him that I had been planning a dinner for him since he couldn't make it to TG dinner but that I was not sure how I felt at the moment and would call if I decided to go fowatd with my plans. UG! I'm not doing the baby thing with him. I simply cannot cope with all the surgeries and birth defects and learning disabilities that his ofspring would likely be saddled with. I told him I was very disapointed that he seems to keep making the same kinds of bad choices over and over again.
    So please lets pray the test is negative and my difficult child grows a brain and the ability to discriminate bewteen good and bad people and situations.
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    I'm sorry. What a horrid, stupid situation to be in. Does he really think she'd scream baby that soon? Hello??????

    As to your dinner, I'd still have it. Just make sure the girlfriend doesn't come, too.
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    I answered on your other thread. Don't know if it will help but
    maybe. Hugs. DDD
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    He slept with her 3 days ago and believes this baby could be his, if she is pregnant???
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    Thanks all I am still pretty annoyed with this whole thing. I tried calling his case worker but she is out so I called the director of the program but she didn't take my call and didn't return it yet. The girlfriend is a member of this program also and I thought it wise that someone know what is going on but haven't been able to talk to anyone.

    Anyway i have asked the moderators to consolidate my two threads into one. I posted this thread in both PE and SA because I hang out in both forums as difficult child's problems cover a wide range of territory. Please look for it so we can continue the conversation and I can let you know the results of the follow up pregnancy test.

    DDD I looked into that test and it cannot be given until the baby is born it is a Cheek Swab test that costs a total of $149.
    you swab the inside of the father's and the baby's mount and send the samples off to a lab for testing. Would be great if we didn't have to wait until the baby was born but we do not have that ability yet without invading the uterus for a sample.
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    The new test may be "late" for peace of mind but it sure is a heck of alot more convenient and less family intrusive than the
    way it was done twenty years ago. GFGmom literally had to take
    easy child/difficult child to be blood tested in the same room with his bioDad whom
    he had never met. Thank God, easy child/difficult child was only three or four at the time. on the other hand, we wish to H GFGmom had left bioDad out of the
    whole scene as he "abandoned" easy child/difficult child at the age of 14 and everyting went to H in a handbasket.

    New technology is cool, though. DDD
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    :smile: :surprise: This is about all I can come up with at this time.

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    I updated in PE but the gist of it is that I did finally speak to the director who said that they "have heard this berfore" and that she didn't think there was a baby and that they didn't think that it was difficult child's if there is a baby. They will follow up with another test in a week or so and they are going to give a talk on safe sex to all the residents. So I am some what relieved. I am going to have my family to dinner on the weekend since it is really about family and not just about difficult child. And I will not worry for now and I will pray that I do not have to deal with this in the future. -RM