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    I'll make two seperate posts. One for court and one for his birthday.

    The court was full. They did all the adults. Speeding, DUI..other stuff. Then they kicked everyone out and called in one juvenile case at a time.

    difficult child knew three kids. They are talking.."what you here for"...tresspassing, speeding..etc. Then they ask difficult child. He says "I pantsed someone". There was silence, then they all cracked up. Especially since his ticket was $235 which was about twice as much as the others.

    Anyway, the judge calls us up there. Asks difficult child what he pleads. difficult child asked the judge for advice. Judge said, "are you guilty of harrasment" difficult child said, "I know I was wrong but I didn't harrass anyone". Judge says, "then you should plead no contest and have a pre-trial. You can explain then."

    Just then the guy who sits next to the judge hands the judge a paper. Judge is reading it and he cracks a SMILE.... Then he looks at me and asked how his behavior is at home. I said he has good days and bad days. Looks at difficult child and asks how his grades are. difficult child said he is not failing but he could do better.

    Judge said, "ok. No trouble in school, improve your behavior at home and in 6 months this ticket will disappear. You get in trouble and it will come back." Oh...and "happy birthday".

    So, that is our experience with court.
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    Wow- he got off a lot easier than he would have here. Did he still have to pay the fine or is that what gets dropped?
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    That's good news. Hopefully difficult child can keep his nose clean and the ticket stays away.
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    Good. I'm glad the judge had a sense of humour as well as a sense of proportion. difficult child should never have been given a ticket - that was idiotic and a waste of court resources, in my opinion.

    Unfortunately, judges like that one are too rare.

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    Sounds like a common sense judge. Very cool. I don't advocate for "getting off" but this was just too weird a charge.
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    YEAH. That was a great birthday present.