difficult child driving me a bit nutty

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, May 3, 2011.

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    im venting have to, sorry this may be long i'm not sure.............

    difficult child's driving me a bit batty.......... she's so hyper and reactive and irritable. moreso since the start of lamictal, yet easy child also moved out following lamicatal beginning so might be both not sure.

    at night she is up and aggitated, going to bed around 1a.m. after she's harrassed me how she cant' sleep knocked on my door, literally drove me insane. during day shes alot more focused with tutors they have told me, yet with me she's on me about everything.

    blows everything out of proportion, overreacts to everything. complains about her weight than shoves more food in her especially at night after zyprexa.

    my patience is waring seriously thin with her. i know shes' hurting over easy child i am too. some days are harder than others for me personally, i dont' know what shes' experiencing yet it's gotta be alot. it was a sudden change, zero forewarning which she doesn't cope well with, sleeping now without her sister in next room.

    i was thinking of getting her a regular therapist. this cbt guy doesnt' really talk to her about her life etc. i asked her and she said yes i'd like that. i dont' want to inidatate her with too many doctor's yet........ she may need it now.
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    Ugh... she's... 12 or so???

    K2 is 12, coming 13... the less-complex of our two. Would have been next to a easy child... until she turned 12!

    The rants? the mom-daughter tensions? the jumpiness over any kind of criticism? Unfortunately, THAT part is "normal"! Its just harder to take when there's a whole pile of OTHER issues on top of that.

    I don't have any good books to recommend (the ones we have were hand-me-downs and all out of print), but any materials you can find and leave laying around (do NOT give to her - that doesn't work!) about puberty, hormones, teen-parent relationships, etc. is useful. Help her discover the "normal" side of herself... where its possible. (we're trying to do that with K1, but its not quite as easy when they are complex!)

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    lol thanks......... stopping lamictal will calm her down as well. 12 is a challenge with-o all our kids issues..... add those in and it's quite the ride :)