difficult child home from psychiatric hospital again


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We brought difficult child home from the psychiatric hospital last night on 200 mg of Seroquel and 50 mg of Straterra. Fingers crossed things seem to be going well. He's calm and compliant and his last 4-5 days in the psychiatric hospital he didn't have any visits to the "quiet room" and he was able to avoid raging!

The school is awaiting a fax from his psychiatrist at the psychiatric hospital that says he can return to school, so pending that fax, he will be returning to school on a half-day schedule on Monday and we have our in-take meeting at the Day Program on Tuesday. This is a different Day Program than the one he was attending last time.

If for some reason the weekend is rough or the psychiatrist decides for some reason he can not return to school (or she never gets around to faxing the letter), the school will arrange for a tutor and we may have to call a PPT meeting to write the tutor into his IEP and discuss the alternative school for next year. The Alternative school may be inevitable anyway, but we'll see. It sounds like they've been discussing it at length in his absense.

difficult child's friend is having a birthday party and sleepover on Saturday which I think difficult child will do well at and have a great time...he always does well at that friends house, so I think I'll send him. I just hope we see enough of his behavior to make a good judgement about his return to school on Monday.

So, that's our update!

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Be aware that one of the most common side effects for children taking Strattera is mood swings. Many parents report increased aggression (as one mother put it, "just plain nasty"), hitting the point where it can no longer be tolerated at about three months, if not sooner.

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Keeping fingers crossed that difficult child settles well at home & day treatment this time around is a success.


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I am so glad to hear that things are going better!!! I have my fingers crossed for you and sending positive energy your way. You certainly deserve a break from all the stress.