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    Ok first I want to start with clearing things up. This is what happened--difficult child got into trouble for leaving the school grounds because he was on house arrest and even though all he did was walk to our church to the adoration chapel he was charged with violation of probation so he was sitting in detention so when we went to court that judge ordered a 15 day evaluation from a psychiatrist because the court wanted a new diagnosis but when the evaluation was done difficult child had convinced the Dr. that he does not have any "mental" problems he claims that he is an alcoholic and just needed help for that.The probation violation was pleaded down so there were no charges while he was waiting for the first test.
    His father and I told the court that the evaluation was incorrect and asked for someone else to do it and have them talk to the school counselor and life teen coordinator because both of them said that they never saw him "drunk". He spent a lot of time with the life teen coordinator and was in the counselor's office everyday because it was written into his IEP plus she would help keep on eye on him to keep him on track. He ordered the test be redone and he had to sit in detention again until that one was done. Believe me they take their time about doing these evaluations.so again he sat in detention
    So I hope that cleared things up with why he had no charges but was sitting in detention.
    Finally the second test is done and the Dr said that he has mood disorder, anger issues . alcohol issues and drug abuse. WHAT!!!! I swear if that boy would write down all of these imaginary memories he could have a best seller.
    The counselor called and said they did not talk to her because the waited until Friday and she was in the hospital. The Life teen coordinator said they did not contact him either.
    None the less -they approved for difficult child to go to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) where "ALL" issues will be addressed. The Dr. that did this last test said that she felt that difficult child was "crafting" his answers carefully.(guess so -he fooled her) Anyway she said that IF difficult child feels that he has an issue with these things it's best to get him the help he wants so that he can work on the issues he really needs.
    So Friday after a week of waiting for transportation to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) they allowed us to take him ourselves. They tried to talk me out of it but it's seven hours with difficult child and I don't know when I will be able to see him again. He is expected to be gone 8 months. PRAY that this works!!
    Good thing is that I have great memories of this road trip with difficult child. We talked and laughed for the whole 7 hour trip. He was "ready" to go into what he is calling rehab. He was happy, excited and anxious when we left him.