difficult child Is Home From School

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Nov 29, 2011.

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    and is in rare form! He and easy child have religion this afternoon. That is always an issue with difficult child, but he's gotten better about it, especially since he has come to learn the hard way that religion is not an option. Anyway, he is complaining that he has alot of homework and should not have to go. I explained to him that I am not making him go next week because his orchestra concert is the same night and I won't have time to get him home, fed, dressed, and up at the school in time if I make him go to religion on that day, so because of that he must go today.

    It's not that he's being nasty. It's more like he's trying his best to be annoying. Talking nonsense, talking to the cat like it's his baby, screeching loudly hoping that I will get up and make him stop. I'm trying to ignore him.

    Some days that's easier than others.
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    My difficult child was like that all this past weekend except for Sunday. He would get in his brothers face and make loud unusual sounds, poke at him mercilessly, and tap on everything loudly! It was several days of insanity!
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    Gosh, you mean that's not normal? :)