difficult child is on a school trip til Monday

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    and she is actually contacting us and being extra nice! She sent an email also last night and checked how I was feeling. I had had an upper endoscopy yesterday (the day she left) and found some problems - nothing major. And she just called a while ago to check in again and tell me what they were doing. And again asked if I was feeling OK. Maybe we both needed a break!

    But before the bus left yesterday, the choir director took me aside and told me that on Thursday, she had ran out of the room and when he caught up with her she was complaining of "girl drama" but wouldn't give him any details. But he told her that if she kept that behavior up he would rethink having her in choir next year. Then he said she was fine on Friday. It wasn't the time or place to go in to detail about stuff then, but I will drop him an email once they are back from this trip. I just want to let him know that we have some testing coming up to try to get some answers and possible treatment options. I hope he doesn't drop her from choir as it is her only school class/activity that she excels at.

    I packed a little carry on cooler with health snacks and a couple diet sodas. Because I knew if she bought all her own snacks she would only have candy and regular pop. I sent some single serving fruit cups, pretzels, yogurt covered pretzels, popcorn chips, meat and cheese sticks (these don't need refridgerations) couple small packets of trail mix. I even put her money for meals in individual envelopes so hopefully she doesn't spend it all and have no money for food on the way home. Some meals are included - but others each student had to pay for their own.

    I also helped her pack her clothes and helped her pick "outfits" instead of misc stuff that never looks good together. And I bought her a new top that is stylish but not so tight and revealing as she would pick for herself. Unfortunately she has packed on some extra pounds in the last couple of months, and everything is fitting snug. With the right clothes, you wouldn't even notice the weight gain, but it seemed like she picked things that accented the trouble areas instead of skimming over it. We found clothing options that she just never gave a chance. Part of the problem is there is no rhyme or reason as to where to find the clothes. Skirts and dresses are in drawers. socks might be in 4 different drawers or on a shelf in the closet. And she puts up a major fit if I try to get her to organize it - or if I do it myself.

    Well, I am hoping we have a couple days of honeymoon period when she gets back home. KSM
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    Sometimes a break from each other and the daily difficult child drama is just what everyone needs to recharge they batteries. Enjoy the quiet time
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    You've done everything an awesome Mom could do. I sure hope it works and you get some relief. Hugs DDD