difficult child is suppose to be here to go to license bureau

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Nancy

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    difficult child is suppose to be here so husband can take her to license bureau and she is not here or answering her phone. She was up to 2:45 am posting on fb and sending texts to her new boyfriend on a navy ship in Japan. She is irresponsible and self absorbed. She told me yesterday that she is convinced she is not an alcoholic and that pot is legal someplaces so it's ok. How's that for faulty reasoning.

    Grrrr I'm so mad that once again we did all this preparation for her and she is sleeping. I didn;t sleep at all last night tryign to make sure we had everything in order.

  2. exhausted

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    I just want to shake them sometimes! Their logic is so self-serving. And the fact that she is just blowing you off is typical difficult child behavior. They will do what they want and not for one moment stop to think about their family who happen to be the only people to stay around and really care! ((Hugs Nancy))
  3. DDD

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    I've been there done that so many times with GFGmom over the years. The only acknowledgement has been "oh, sorry, Mom". Really I am amazingly flexible but honestly I have had dreams where I just smacked the h out of her. My husband (the only one I've ever shared that with until right now) thinks those dreams were GREAT and asked if he could join me in the next one. The whole behavior pattern is sick. Sorry I don't have anything comforting to share. Maybe you'll be able to relate to my stifled anger.

    Hugs, DDD :916blusher:
  4. pinevalley

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    It would be so much easier if we could just shake some sense into them sometimes! I was really hoping that you would have a relaxing day today, Nancy. All of our difficult child's can be so selfish and hurtful at times.

    Keep saying the Serenity prayer today. Sending good wishes to you...
  5. Tiredof33

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    Hubby tells me that they just think differently than us, but it's more than that!! My difficult child was still covered under my medical and I tried for over a year to get him to go to a dentist before the insurance ran out.
    I was going to pay the out of pock and he still did not keep the appointments I made.
    I still wonder what kind of karma do I have to go through this!!
    (((blessings and prayers)))
  6. vligrl

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    So sorry Nancy. More lessons...