difficult child last softball game & she lands in er

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  1. Charmedpea

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    Good Evening,

    Last night was their last game. and of course i'm excited because we went all season with out an major injury. I spoke to soon. I should of waiting till after last nights game to open my mouth.

    She gets on first their is a runner at 2nd. And the batter hits a fly ball it's caught in mid air, one out, then they go for a double play and gets the runner out on second. So my daugther not wanting to be the triple play out turns around and runs back to first coach says SLIDEEE. Which she usually does with grace. I dont know what happen but she went to slide her feet went up in the air and she came down on the back of her head, neck and upper back. I heard the thump from where the parents were sitting.

    they called ambulance, got to er they did a CT scan, thank god their is no fracture in her skull or neck.. Now we are just on watch for any werid talk or behavor. Out of the ordinary. The nurse put it. If you ask her to do something and she starts talking about pink elephants with silver wings get her right back to the er..

    She had me call her coach from the er she wanted to know 2 answers.
    Was she safe and did they win..
    He laughed and said no and no.. Poor kids they didnt win one game all season.

    Well that was my night last night. She was good, poked with iv's, oxygen etc. She looked at me and said i'm tried of being in the hospital. she was so dirty we laughed and her new nick name is pig pen. I think she didnt realize she had dirt in places she never new could be possible. hehe.. her hospital room bed was full of dirt. and her hair was still wet in a bun on top of her head. and because her whole side of her face was covered in dirty they poured water on her and now of course no only ever time she moves dirt goes flying like a big puff of dirt, she had mud stuck to her..

    anyway she is fine just very sore, charmed
  2. Andy

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    Super scary - to actually hear the thump - your heart must have stopped! I am glad she is o.k. though I would still keep an eye on her for a few days - sometimes injuries take time to appear.
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Wow, what a relief she didn't damage anything too seriously! Yikes!

    I know what you mean about the dirt/mud getting into places... easy child had a BAD accident on her bike a year ago. She was on a dirt trail and basically took a header and knocked herself out for a few minutes. They did a CT and although everything was ok, they asked me if she wore contacts 'cuz there was some foreign object that showed up in her eyes on the scan. Well, no, she doesn't (she was only 8 at the time). Well DUH! It was MUD crammed into her lower eyelid! When I pulled it back I couldn't believe how much was in there! So yeah, when the dirt flies, it flies everywhere!

    Even though her team didn't win, at least your daughter can say she ended the season with a bang! It's one game she'll never forget!
  4. susiestar

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    Sorry she got hurt. I was called pig pen for many years - it is a badge of honor!

    Hugs to the scared mom.
  5. Sorry she got hurt! How scary. What a trooper. And she wanted to know if she was out and if they won!
  6. TerryJ2

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    Eoouuwww! I heard that thump from way over here. Makes my stomach do a flip.

    So cute the way you described the dirt. Sounds like she's going to be okay.

    I've had a cpl head injuries as a kid. One was from falling on the ice. I had a nice concussion, nausea and a headache for a cpl days but now I'm good as new. Heh heh. :faint:

    She'll be fine. So sorry they didn't win any games. :(
  7. Hound dog

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    Made my stomach flip too!!!

    Ok. Anything out of the norm, literally means that. Anything behavior out of character be alert for. Memory issues too are a big red flag.

    My skull fracture did not show up on a CT scan. Because instead of the bone actually breaking, I got a "pushed in" type fracture. Still have the large dent in my skull to prove it. And it wasn't picked up by doctor until 5 wks after. (when I asked the bone doctor to feel the dent in my head)

    Family had picked up on a drastic change in personality, saw memory issues, but since it didn't sound off the wall like hospital told them to watch for, they never thought to bring it up. I went from assertive to extremely passive to almost timid. Memory was basically mush for anything short term.

    Just thought I'd add that because most medication professionals never think to.

    Too darn bad about the game.

  8. Nancy

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    Awwww what a way to end the season. I'm sorry she got hurt and hope she doesn't start acting weird. I think it's great that she wanted to know if she was safe and if they won. I like her spirit.

    My difficult child broke her hand in Tuesday's softball tournament game but she still played in last night's game, which we lost and are now out of the tournament.

  9. Charmedpea

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    Aw nancy sorry to hear that. wow congrats on all the way to the tournements. Our team was never going to make it that far. Some of us parents myself included nicknamed them the bad news bears. it was pittyfull this year.

    So far she is acting normal. Crossing fingers that it stays that way. Oh she wanted to go out so bad yesturday, we wouldnt let her. i told her we have to watch you. make sure you are ok, off course i'm dumb but hey that is as far as the name calling went.

    One thing I did learn with the odd/adhd is never to promise them anything. I always give answers like we will see maybe.. If you say yes and you can't you are doomed for hours on end..

    I did give her something to think about though today.. I told her when i tell you yes or wait till payday, things can change do you think I really would tourcher you or myself knowing i'm going to hear about it for the next week. She started to laugh. Maybe she saw my point.

    Yes difficult child I live for you to tourcher me!!

  10. Wiped Out

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    Very scary-I'm so glad she is o.k.
  11. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    Glad to hear she's ok ~ talk about the hard knocks of life!
  12. Christy

    Christy New Member

    So glad she's okay. What a scary thing to see.
  13. trinityroyal

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    That noise when your head hits the deck can be horrifying.

    (Way back in the day when I used to play hockey, I was knocked out when a giant girl--over 6 ft, to my 5 ft 2--body checked me and I went flying through the air, before landing on the ice. No lasting damage, but I stopped playing hockey.)

    So glad to hear that difficult child is okay and displaying all normal behaviour.
  14. Charmedpea

    Charmedpea New Member

    Thanks everyone. trinityroyal holy ****. I would of stopped also. I couldnt imagine. I used to love watching hockey. I was an islander fan back in the day.