difficult child made good choice re.school fight..good day

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Well, regarding the kids who threatened to bring weapons to school..I wrote an email three times and deleted it three times. Just to afraid they would use his name and he would then be a target. I have not had a lot of good experiences with school. However, difficult child came home today in a good mood. Told me that when he got to school today the one kid said "I brought my BOOM" difficult child went directly into school, went to the social worker and told her. She had him stay in a room and informed the office. Turns out three others had come forward also. The kid had his locker searched and no weapons were found. he is subject to locker search from now on. I believe he should be suspended for making such remarks. difficult child has been suspended for saying non threatening things. Anyway, they did not suspend him or call the police. Hope things work out and he is not afraid of this boy.
    Last year 6th grade, age 10 he bought some pot for a girl who was afraid to buy it. They got caught and he told who he got it from. The entire summer he was afraid because this boy threatened him. Even pinned him up against the wall at a local grocery store. Luckily some bigger kids saw and threw the boy in the dumpster. The boy is now in juvenile detention and currently not a threat. difficult child was afraid to leave the house for a long time. As for the pot issue, he admitted to smoking it, and I took him in for drug tests every few weeks, even blood tests. All tests came back clean, even when he admitted to it. Have a few home tests now, and he knows I will use them if I feel the need. He has since chosen a much better group of kids to try to hang out with. He made a good decision today, and I know it was hard for him. I am proud he did so on his own.
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    Way to go! Good for difficult child for handling this so well.
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    That was really great. It's a good feeling when al the lessons come together and they do the right thing.

    I was wondering about the pot incident - maybe it wasn't really pot? Kids do stupid things to get money from other kids. I remember back when I was at school, a boy I knew carved a stick of chalk (filched from the blackboard) into some nondescript pills and sold them to a younger kid, who later told him, "That was really strong stuff - I was so high!"

    Give difficult child a high five for me.

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    difficult child does not know the results of any of his drug tests. After the first one came back clean I asked HOW, when he admitted to smoking. I was told, maybe didn't know how to inhale, maybe didn't do enough. never thought of what you said. Could be. That test and all have been clean.
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    He did a great job!!! Alright!
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    It's great when they make a good decision. We always remember the moments. Good job difficult child. :bravo:
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    Way to go difficult child :bravo: