difficult child moving out of state?


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Well. Hello y'all!

So-there have been no real new 'news' around these parts.

difficult child still mooching..er...living with his girlfriend.

Called me a couple of weeks ago- I was highway driving for the week, and he asked "so, when are you going to meet my girlfriend".

Um, what?

Of course, my FIRST instinct is (because difficult child has never ever cared for either myself or his sister to meet his girlfriends) that she MUST be pregnant- and he's not foolish enough for me to find out via someone else.

I told him that was up to him, not me- and to let me know. I've not heard another thing about it since then.

Fast forward to a week ago- so difficult child sends a text that he and the girlfriend are leaving Texas the monday after Christmas to move to SOUTH DAKOTA.

At this point, and this sounds completely crazy, all I could do was literally shake my head and then laugh.

I mean, really?

You know- I've done good- no money since August, called him on the suicide threats and threats to destroy my property (which is now listed with a realtor, thankyoujesus-pray for us to sell quickly).....and all those threats have stopped.

He has, evidently, had a job then not had a job. Eh, whatever. You know, and most of this comes from self talk- I did not raise him to be a thief or a liar. I raised him the best I could, by myself. I didn't show him via example the things he does now. He may never change.

I know that I refuse to end up a 65 year old woman with a moocher 43 year old son.

I won't.

My daughter- god bless her- I found some other old posts on some FB sites where he had sold some of her things. She was really hurt- because here she was going broke trying to help him and he's stealing right from under her nose.

We all live and learn I suppose. I feel like some cold mommy dearest at how 'detached' I am. But I think what it is is that I was just 'tired'.

Christmas- I've really struggled on what to do. So it's boxers, socks, and tshirts. Nothing of real value - because he'll just sell it.

I think that is really sad.


This may be quite a blessing to you. Sometimes, the farther away from you they are, physically speaking, the better. It's more difficult to guilt or pressure you for help, and it certainly is more difficult to destroy property. And you're right about them selling it. It IS sad. But it is what it is. Wishing you peace.