difficult child related illness??


Been on my mind lately.

Since difficult child 2 came along, I spend most of the winter months on antiobiotics due to sinus infections. This wasn't a problem prior to difficult child 2. So I finally asked for a referral to a specialist to see if I can't get on top of this. He did some cat scans and testing, including allergy testing.

I've always had allergies, but I am now highly allergic to over 40 of the 50 different things I was tested for. The last time I was tested I was highly allergic to cats, dust, and mold, and a few other minor things.

I've always wondered if the infections were due to lack of sleep since difficult child 2's sleep is still sporadic - now I'm wondering how these allergies fit in there. I'll bet its all related somehow, tho may never know exactly how.


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It is likely that with lack of sleep your immune system goes wacky. I've been told that by my Dr. I'm always sick lately, it seems. I hope you stsrt to feel better soon. It's never easy, is it?


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You know, I'm not a doctor but I trully believe in both the power of sleep and the power of our mind. When I'm feeling like a cold is coming on, I load up on the liquids, oj, and make sure I get a good nights' sleep. It usually works. I find I get the sickest when I'm run down, not eating right, and not getting enough sleep. Wait, that's kinda like all the time, welcome to motherhood, huh?



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Shari, I wouldn't be surprised if stress triggered different responses in each of us. I always figure it goes for our weakest area. If you were already suspetible to allergies it would make sense that it gets worse when you are stressed/exhausted. I'm with LDM, a good night's sleep, an afternoon nap with no one home or a overnight away from the house and kids and all that goes into being a mom helps recharge the batteries and stregthens the immune system. </span>


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I'm just like you. Sinus infections every winter. Duckie didn't sleep through the night until 19 months old. I got into the habit of staying up late to keep caught up with household duties. I can't do it anymore. I need my rest as well.


Just for giggles, I picked up the allergy test results I had done 5 years ago this summer.
I was mildly allergic to cats, even more mildly allergic to horses, and dust.
Quite a change for 5 years.
PS - TM, difficult child 2 slept thru the night til he was about a year old, then he quit and didn't again until he was 3+. Now its sporadic. Fun, huh???